Yarn offerings at stores.

I’ve heard people complain before about craft stores dropping the crafts but hadn’t encountered it until today.


Because the holiday I had the family home so we went shopping. I checked 3 stores (HobbyLobby, Michaels, and 2 Walmarts) no orange, black, or purple thick yarns. They all had white and one had a single brown that wasn’t what I was looking for. One had a yellow but I don’t need that one.

Are they just not in yet? There wasn’t empty places where they would have sold already. I thought it would be close enough to Halloween and Thanksgiving for them to be available.

I dread yarn shopping online I hate not being able to feel it first. :sweat: Anyone got any sites they trust?


I personally haven’t ordered from there, but I have only heard good things about hobbii. They always seem to have sales and a large selection of colors


I really like knit picks
They are very descriptive of color and texture for their yarns and I have never been disappointed with what I got.
They give discounts for larger orders, they run sales all the time.
And if you compare it, their economy yarn is actually cheaper than ‘I love this’ line from hobby lobby for the same quality.


I’ve done a lot of hunting and calculating by yardage, I think Premier Yarns is great when there is a sale. I think Hobium Yarns is great, I like the Diamond yarn (acrylic and polyester blend) Hobium when on sale. It’s not hard to get free shipping from either.
In my opinion, Lion Brand is expensive, even with 35% off sale. Also, Yarnspiration even on sale.
Ice yarns is good per yardage but haven’t ordered because I find it too confusing, as there are a zillion options.
Hobbi can ge good when there’s a sale, and not hard to reach free shipping.
I tend to get anti pilling acrylic, premier parfait, and cotton/ acrylic blends. Get 100% cotton when I can get a reasonable price.

That’s my 2 cents!

For Bernat Velvet/blanket, I’ve been slowly building up inventory by buying up clearance, when I can get it for $7.99, and Michaels/Joann’s had a 40%-60off coupon, so buy just one every time coupon comes out.


Thank you everyone :heart: all check these places out. I recently had an ad for a hobbii sale but when I did the math it was still expensive for what I was getting so I went to the stores to find no one had the stuff. :confounded:

I’ll check out the others.