Yarn Question

Hi! I’m looking to crochet something with soft fluffy yarn. I was wondering if anyone knew good brands of affordable yarn. Thank you!


I love mainstays , the walmart brand! Its affordable and in my opinion good quality. Or premier brand!


Does MainStays have plush yarn? I would love to try that out if they do. I never noticed it in my Walmart though.

If you go to dollar tree they sometimes have just yarn premier chenille.


Yes ive seen it at mine! One of my walmarts have more selection than the other walmart .

And yup! Dollar tree has the best premier chenille yarn! Ive also seen another type & cotton type.

Oh then I will check it out next time I go to Walmart. Thanks for the help! I always thought chunky yarn was super expensive.

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Yeah its like $8 i think. I havent used it in a longgg time. So i havent checked recently


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Dollar tree has a little bit of plush yarn but it’s very limited! I love hobby lobby’s yarn they have so many colors and kinds of plush yarn and it’s really affordable! They also always have tons or deals, and clearance yarn! So definitely check out Hobby Lobby!!

Prices for the one I use is about $4.99-$6.99 per skein. I usually get it when it’s on sale so it’s about $3.99-$5.99 per skein. Which for plush yarn is a really good price!!

Hope this helps!!! :two_hearts: