Yarn Recommendations?

I have some color work projects planned that require some semblance of color matching (think recognizable video game scenes and the like) but I’m getting frustrated trying to find yarn.

I know it’s unreasonable to expect a single yarn brand/type to have EVERY color I need for a project, but I would love to have a go-to brand with tonnes of different colors in the same weight/material.

Any recommendations?


what are the main colors you are looking for


Ideally, the NES color pallet, but ultimately I’m just looking for a decent yarn brand with tonnes of colors in the same weight/materials.

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Ik a lot of people dont like red heart, but it has so many heccin colors

12 different shades of blue and 12 shades of green might be a little rough to find tho, and ye literally rough too lol


Red Heart really does have a huge range of colors, I just wish it was softer. :confused:


I find Bernat yarn to be softer than red heart but it usually depends on the batch sometimes lol I believe there’s a lot of colors for Bernat yarn, I think you can find a yarn you like and go to yarn subs to find a similar one and see what colors that one has and hopefully they have one that’s a color you need, alternatively depending on the yarn and materials you can paint the yarn and even dye them to get the colors you need as well :smile: