Yarn review zeeman royal

Finally writing one @anoswaldoddity :joy:

I mostly make amigurumi so I’m not sure about how well it holds up with washing but for the rest I’m a big fan of this yarn:

Zeeman royal yarn

Like it’s super cheap (around €1), but still pretty nice quality. Like it’s a medium acrylic but it still feels soft

It can get a little fuzzy but I’ve only noticed that on a few skeins, not all

The color range is pretty nice, I think at least 20 colors (could definitely be more because I always check in a small local store)

It’s works up pretty fast and smooth for amigurumi and it’s easy to keep neat stitches

Skeins are decent size, like one generally lasts me multiple projects (though again I just mostly make amigurumi and not big stuff like scarfs/blankets)

And ehhh for the rest I’m not sure what to add but I’m a fan, cheap but good enough (obviously very expensive yarns might be better and softer, but for like budget crochet I recommend)


Awesome! Thank you @WolfKvB

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