Your best tips for sewing patterns

Hi! I have been thinking about challenging my creativity by learning something new. I want to learn how to make sewing patterns.

I want to start small and managable by making felt-on-felt badges small enough that I can scan in the shapes and know how big they will be for like an A4 paper.

But how do you make bigger patterns? I am looking for people who has tried making their own sewing patterns. What would be helpfull for me to know?

Is Ribblr’s tools good for making sewing patterns or should I try something else before and then transpher it to Ribblr?

How much information should I add - what do people normally ask about?

I have a drawing app called Procreate, but is there other apps or programs that would be helpfull in pattern making? I am especially thinking about when people make clothing patterns - how do you know how big something should be and how do you draw that in what program?

Again - I will be starting small with felt badges so I will not dive into clothing-pattern-making just yet, but someday I want to.

Thank you in advance <3


I second this all lol

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