Youth group stories???

so this is the first post I have made so yeah I was wondering if anybody has a youth group, and if so do you have any funny or interesting stories?


I go to youth group, the funniest story I have at youth is, we went one day to go play disc golf and one of my friends through her disc in somebody’s yard so me and her go and get our youth leader and he just went in the yard and got it, so as he’s coming out of the yard one of the dogs gets out so we where running around trying to get this dog and yes we did get in back in the yard thankfully, but when we were driving back to the church (in the car there was our youth leader one of my friends in the front and me and my two other friends in the back) so we’re driving back and we’re eating Oreos and drinking water right and then we decided to listen to some music, so then the song Tom’s diner plays and if you’ve listed to the song you would know that at the start ish there is someone that sings in a really deep voice so then my friend up front sings that part, and while she was doing this my best friend was eating and Oreo and drinking water so then she tried to laugh but she just ended up choking! But she is ok now and always remember NEVER EAT OREOS WHILE DRINKING WATER, thank you 🫶🏼




I have a youth group i go to every Thursday. Its very fun and i can invite my friends to join me


I burned my face off at Bdubs one time! :joy:
I also may or may not have gotten severely sunburned… unrelated but still, at youth group!