A quick guide: how to add friends and follow others on the community

Updated: 9 December 2021.

We recently made a few changes to the way you can add friends and follow other Ribblrs on the community.

Here’s a quick guide :arrow_down:

Note: by default, you won’t be following anyone.

To add a fellow Ribblr to your friends list simply click on their profile picture or head over to their profile, then click the ‘Follow’ button.


See your followers and who you’re following
You can see all the people you follow and those who follow you by visiting your profile and clicking the ‘Friends’ tab.

You can also customize your notifications by visiting your profile. (Preferences-> Notifications-> Follow)
By default, you’ll get a notification when someone follows you.
You’ll also be notified when someone you follow creates a new topic.
If you want to be absolute best friend make sure you enable the ‘Notify me when someone I follow replies’ option!

Go ahead and make some crafty friends! :purple_heart:


I don’t want anyone “following” me. Is there any way to block this? I got a notification that someone is following me here & I don’t know them, I would prefer to block this feature if at all possible. It’s creepy


Yes, go to your profile, then click the preferences tab and finally the ‘Notifications’ tab. Then look for the ‘Follow’ section and untick the box that says “allow people to follow me”