ADVICE: Crochet class

I need advice. I started a crochet class where I teach homeschoolers how to crochet at the library. I had my first class yesterday and it did not go how I expected.

What was supposed to happen:

  • I would teach the kids the basic single crochet stitch
  • the kids would start working on a water bottle holder

What ACTUALLY happened:

  • the kids were starting off chaining (which was good)
  • some kids were more advanced than others so they were making whatever they wanted
  • the moms weren’t understanding what I was telling the kids to do

I need help and advice on what to do next week. I would like it to go smoother than it did this week.


perhaps go slower, maybe get the kids a crocheting ring? Use the woobles videos on how to crochet as an example of how to make it more understandable


they were all understanding the steps of how to crochet, but they weren’t making what I had planned for them to do. it was just the moms who didn’t know what to do even though they weren’t the ones crocheting.


well your not teaching them your teaching their kids :woman_shrugging:


yeah, I wanted it to be just the kids but I don’t know how to say that.


Maybe start with a small plushie and find a good simple pattern and teach them how to read patterns and ask them questions along the way to make sure they know how to do it!!


Lol I meant plushie not plague


If the moms don’t understand, just tell them. If you try to figure out another way to tell them, they won’t get the message and cause more issues. Try to give the kids yarn scraps, but make it enough for them to maybe make a swatch at most. When it comes time to make the water bottle holder, give them the needed yarn and tell them how to do it while walking around so you can see what the kids are doing. If the kids aren’t making what they are supposed to be making, tell them off and then ask them to frog their project and make what they are supposed to be making. Repeat offenders should lose yarn privileges. Hope this helps!


you could try advertising it as a drop off class!! ofc you’ll get some overprotective moms who stay but that should help (:


Try to talk for start talk about what they can do if they listen you,
about ur life (crocheting in ur life)
Next start to teach them remember kids don’t have a skill so do the basic completely basic like how to control tension and how to hold the yarn without pain
I have a hope i help


You could say the parents are welcome to watch, hopefully they’d get the hint?


Hi! I totally get you! I give crochet classes and I’ve been doing it for the past 2 years with different students. First of all, tell the parents that it’s crucial for the students to listen and pay attention. Also, how are the moms supposed to understand what you are saying if they don’t know crochet terms? Also, I’d set an age limit, with my experience I don’t teach kids younger than 9 because their attention span is low and they have small hands.


I also reward them for good behavior lol, I give them a small plushie if they did well in the class. And it works!


i would definitely tell the moms (kindly, this is crucial) that if they want to learn, they are welcome to take an adult crocheting class :grin:

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