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Hispanohablantes Hola a todo el mundo! Como en Ribblr no había una comunidad de hispanohablantes en sí misma, me he animado a crear una. Aquí podemos compartir trucos, consejos y eventualmente hacer amistades ganchilleras/tejedoras/bordadoras/etc…! Creative Writing Welcome the Creative writing space! Whether you like to write books, poems, fanfiction, or anything else, this is the space for you! In this space, you can find other fellow writers, ask for advice, share your writings, an follow our weekly (monthly? don’t know yet) prompts, and more!! Can’t wait to get started will y’all <3 (Creators: @Corvid, @OmniStupid, & @4dium!) Muslim Makers Hello everyone! This space is for the (probably) small community of Muslims on this app! Please read the rules before joining C: Eco Crafters Welcome to Eco Crafters! We are an inclusive space that encourages sustainability, accessibility, affordability and being more eco conscious not only in our crafts but in our lives. All crafts are welcome. Christian Crafters Welcome to the new Christian Crafters space! This is a place for all Christians or anyone who is interested in faith and learning more about it! Marketing help Use this space to talk about marketing - ask for help or offer tips and tools to help other crafters with marketing their patterns, market events, makes and more! Meme zone 🤣 This is a space dedicated to just daily funny gags and memes so people can subscribe to it for daily dose of fun and get notifications when people post here. Design studio Use this space to talk about profile pictures, shop banners, photo editing and anything design studio related! Art Creative Corner Welcome to The Creative Corner Space! This is a place where you can share your art projects! Wether you sculpt, paint, draw, etc. you can always come to this space. Im this space you can search of feedback, a new technique, fun art facts, famous artists, art memes, or just to view others amazing projects! Hope you enjoy! (Created by @cloudydayss , @ShortClarice , and @DasChubba ) World of Wipcraft Fandoms of the fiber world - unite! Share your Fandom memes, chats, wips, and fanart creations in this Space. All flavors of nerd are welcome. Macrame Madness Hi everyone, welcome to the Macrame Madness space, the little corner of Ribblr for macrame only! All levels of macrame are welcome. broadway This is a space for you to share your love for broadway. You can share things you’ve made inspired by broadway, or you can put recommendations. No dirty broadway memes, or badmouthing other users because of their opinions on certain musicals All The Things A safe place for fiber artists who also struggle/manage with their mental illness. LGBTQ+ Crafters A public space where crafters that are members of the LGBTQ+ community can chat and share makes! Teen Crafters A space for our youngest crafters to come together! ND Crafters Hey I wanted to start a wee corner of the Ribblr app for NeuroDiverse crafters and designers. This space is for anyone who feel they are neurodiverse, doctor diagnosed or self diagnosed doesn’t really matter. I want this to be an inclusive space where we can discuss wip, what we craft and the (fun?) challenges of crafting. I would also like to try and get a ‘body doubling’ space running if possible, time zones permitting.
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