Anyone is welcome!!

Hi, I’m Kat, one of the first members of the Christian Crafters Ribblr space, and whoever comes to this space to check it out, you are TOTALLY FREE to post anything inspirational and uplifting!! We don’t do hierarchy and stuff like that here; we’re all equal :smile:

I do stress you to keep the Community Guidelines in mind when you post :thinking:not only because this is a faith-based group, but in general, don’t post anything that will be inappropriate, requiring adult advisory, or something that makes fun of someone else.:warning:
Whether online or irl, we need to be as kind as possible to everyone we come across.:people_hugging::heart_hands:
I don’t care if you don’t agree with them or if you do, if they’re hurting, help them:heart: If they’re hungry, feed them:shallow_pan_of_food: If they’re thirsty, give them water :droplet: If they have a need, do something to help them meet that need to the best of your ability :couple:

Jesus called us to imitate Him, and that means to serve others, to love them, despite their differences, and to treat them as we want to be treated :v::heart_hands::heart: Use your time on this Earth to be kind, uplift, and encourage :butterfly: Be truthful and honest, but in a wise, caring way :open_book:

Remember, this world is full of nice people, and if you can’t find one, be one!

"There is one who speaks rashly, as a piercing sword; but the words of the wise bring healing." -Proverbs 12:18

Are we doing introductions on here? I can post one if so :3


Oh, i was just giving a PSA for the Christian Crafter’s Space, but you’re more than welcome to introduce yourself!