Beginning to Learn Crochet

Hello! I’m new to the community, and I want to learn to crochet! I’m struggling with certain things though, like how to hold the yarn, maintain a consistent tension, and I still get confused on the basics sometimes. I wanted to ask, how did you all learn to crochet? I feel like the best way would be if I had someone to show me in person, but I don’t know how to find that, so all I can do is learn from videos. It’s quite difficult, but I’m determined to get this right! Any advice or tips?


Be patient I struggled so much at the beginning. Start with easy projects. Also do easy stitches such as single crochet. Have fun and don’t be too pressurized


I learned first from my mom and a buch of other people, but my aunt taught me lots of the basic stitches as well : ) I also learned from Twinkie Chan amigurumi videos and that’s where I made my first amigurumi :blush:


I did the typical millennial method of finding YouTube videos. I recommend TLYarncrafts. She did a series on basics last July/August. But also, just experiment with what works for you. I know I don’t hold my yarn and project like is “the right way” but it works for me!


I taught myself from videos, books, and blogs. I made a lot of mistakes, but remember that’s how everyone learns and that no one is perfect when they start! :grin: Now that restrictions are learning, maybe you can take some classes? A lot of yarn and craft stores offer those!

Here’s a blog I wrote on the 6 things I wish I knew when I first started to crochet!


Hello! I gave your request some thought and here is what I found helped me.

Forget trying to hold the yarn like whoever you see, just do it however it feels most comfortable to you. I don’t remember which one of my crochet mommys said this but it was a game changer for me.

You may want to get a “tension regulator” or a “crochet tension ring”. Don’t give up till you try one of these.

Do NOT practice on yarn that tends to split i. e. red heart, caron, . I really got rolling once I started practicing on ribbon yarn. Some examples of yarn that I think would work for newbies are Mandala Ombré, Mandala Watercolor, Yarn Bee (Hobby Lobby) Comfy Classic, or any yarn that classes itself as “ribbon” yarn.

Start with Medium weight or bulky so you can see you stitches. Forget the crochet thread or anything thinner than medium weight/4/aran.

Start with a H hook, or 5mm. I prefer Susan Bates.

Finally, you are only limited by your persistence and determination. I saw a lady who only had one hand crocheting, she held it down with her foot crossed over. She was crocheting faster than I was.


How you doing @angiea ?


I’d say it’s all in practice, practice, practice…