Can't Add Testers for Pattern?? (solved)

I just completed a pattern testing call for my very first pattern, but am unable to share the pattern with the testers I have selected! I have read all of the support pages and help pages on Ribblr, and it seems like something is missing. The pattern has not officially been published yet. When going to the “testing” page under shop manager, I am unable to filter by pattern. the only option under pattern is “ALL.” Help!


New update to testing have to post a tester call and testers apply u aprove on the testing page


hello there, i’m sorry there was confusion
ribblr rolled out their brand new tester features today and it will take some getting used to. In the future, you will need to use the clipboard next to the thumbnail of your pattern in your shop and select to post a test call. That will be the simplest and cleanest way to get only the testers you want and see their karma points.
For now, you are able to use the same clipboard icon next to the pattern’s thumbnail to copy a link that you can send to your testers that will allow them to apply to the test… Once they have applied, and you get the notice, you can go to your testing section of your shop manager and click on the pattern you want to test and find their names there.
Good luck with your test and just ask if you need more help. :blush:

full discussion from today:


Thank you, I did not realize there was an update!