Chinese crochet pattern terms

I’ve been poking through xiaohongshu (an app kinda like instagram or pinterest) collecting crochet patterns that i may or may not make lol, but the way that patterns are written is pretty different from us or uk terminology. If anyone else wanted to try some Chinese crochet patterns from that app (which is free and downloadable from the usa and probably other places), thought I might share how some terms translate over.
(As a note, neither my Chinese level nor my crochet skills are very high, so I only know some of the basic stitches and terms)

(From US terms)

  • Single crochet: X
  • Half double crochet: T
  • Double crochet: F
  • Treble crochet: E
  • Increase: V (if for a non-single crochet stitch, follows the symbol, like FV for dc increase)
  • Decrease: A (same thing, FA is dc decrease)
  • Skip stitch: K (for 空针 kong zhen, smth like “empty stitch”)
    (Some terms like chain and slip stitch are the same, like CH and S or SL)

So something in US terms like “(sc, inc) x 6” would be written something like “6(x, v)”.

I thought it was pretty neat that rather than using letters that represent the word, they mainly use letters that represent the symbol like in crochet diagrams. You’d still need to be able to read some amount of Chinese to be able to fully understand patterns written this way though :smiling_face_with_tear: but i thought it’d be something cool to share, and google translate might help carry you the rest of the way.

(And for searching for patterns, “crochet” is 钩针, and to find posts with patterns included, look for or add 附图解 “pattern attached”)


ooo that’s cool! i know chinese so that would definitely be fun to try! thanks for sharing!


That’s really interesting! Thanks for sharing.


That’s interesting! Thanks for sharing :relaxed:


I have to check this out!