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I’m really curious why people don’t make journals for makes.
This poll may help me understand better.

  • don’t understand why I should
  • don’t know how
  • don’t want to
  • don’t have a camera
  • other, specified in comments

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I do make journals for makes :blush:


Can you also add “I do make journals” option so we can see how many actually do?


I make journals as well! I will say the inability to upload multiple photos at once is definitely a deterrant for me, as more times than not a make has so many angles to be seen. I would rather have a completed/review system for public makes over a journal but i can also see why the journal makes ribblr a little different


Sometimes I use Ribblr on my laptop so taking photo’s isn’t an option, however I’m also curious as a designer would you find it acceptable just to have the finished photo or notes without photos? Usually I like to show the process photos with notes and then the completed at the end :smile: obviously it might be different for different designers

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I made a new poll and will delete this one.
Go there and vote / comment, please.

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@alyphira, can you close this one for me?

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