[CLOSED] ✍️‼️PATTERN TESTER CALL‼️✍️ Lacey Delilah Top

I’m looking for testers for my Lacey Delilah Top pattern

:white_check_mark:Pattern Test Info:
-Looking for 5 testers
-Tester Call duration: 2/11/2023 - 2/18/2023 or until filled
-Turnaround: 2 weeks 2/20/2023 - 3/6/2023 *Flexible if needed
-Pattern Release: 3/8/2023
This pattern is Made to measure
Skill Level: Beginner+

:white_check_mark:Tester requirements:

  1. Like my shop and this post
  2. Comment your current Work In Progress
  3. Agree to make a journal with 2 entries

:white_check_mark:Materials needed:
-4mm & 5mm crochet hook
-Measuring tape
-Tapestry needle
-3 different colors of Size 4 worsted yarn


This posting is being flagged due to the above. This is not part of Ribblr testing guidelines!
I understand that this is being reiterated in private messages. Again, not part of testing guidelines.

I share this publicly because this is the second time this has happened.



Yes, this should be handled out in the open… As open as the promise from this person was that this would not happen again.


No problem will remove it

No problem will remove it. To my knowledge it had to be noted in the tester call and not through private message.

The point was made quite clearly not only can you not say it… Through ribblr, it is not something that is even possible to do.


I’m not testing this pattern again due to personal reasons (realize I didn’t have enough yarn)

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