Combat the blank page

Hi! Us neurodivergents can sometimes get really bored with a project or have a difficult time feeling like working on anything at all. So here are a few tips to combat that if you have to get going to feed your shop stock or for presents.

Some tips might work for you, some might not, some might be ideal for different neurotypes. I’m autistic with adhd and here are my tips. Feel free to post yours too!

  • Make sure you ate something and are hydrated. Sometimes, it can be distracting and keep your creartivity away, even if you don’t feel hungry/thristy.

  • Take a break for the rest of the day and do something that sparks joy. If you don’t feel like doing anything at all, it’s ok to just rest, too. Rest your body and mind.

  • Pick up a wip you haven’t touched in a while. If you struggle finding the motivation to work on any of your wips, either pick some to frog, or turn them in a completely different project. Sometimes, the excitement to go a different direction can give you the spark of dopamine you want to go on.

  • Try a new yarn or a new colorway. This usually makes me so excited, especially if I’m working with Halloween or exclusive colorways.

  • Don’t look at too many projects at once, it can overwhelm you with too many ideas and become really hard to stick to one thing.

  • Or you might be the type of person that needs to look at lots of projects to get inspired. In this case, go nuts!

  • Try a new technique. Learn mosaic crochet.

  • Write your own pattern. This sparks my creativity so much!

  • Freehand something, even if it’s no the best. I find this really gets my juices flowing.

  • More importantly, don’t overdo it, and have fun! Make sure you have projects for yourself too if you have a shop. Make fun things.


Oooo! Thank you sm! Ive been doing flights out of fight(do it) flight(anything but) freeze(do nothing) woth progents i HAVE to do :sob:. I have to make 3 cows and a mike wazowski for people at my school and i haven’t even started :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:. I have been testing patterns instead, and im yelling at myself to do it but my body wont move to it. I have ADHD and have to have shoes on to do anything productive but i accidentally took them off to i am ‘paralyzed’. I will now try one of these techniques! Thank you sm for this!! (Crochet has been my longest hyperfixation other then sewing when younger and im trying my hardest to keep it)


I get bored A LOT! I’ve got too many wips and when i see something i want to make it but then just give up on it. Thank you for your tips


Thank you :heart:


Fun fact about me: when I put shoes on is actually when I get paralyzed, cause it switches me over to waiting mode :sweat_smile:


Hopefully it helps :black_heart:


Lmao. Are you a always sock on or always sock off person? I have to have socks on bc i feel so much dirt and it grosses me out.


Having socks on at all gives me major sensory issues. I have to adjust them all the time. I have to go barefoot, or I’m gonna be distracted the whole time. If there is so much as a wrinkle in my shoes, I can’t deal with it and I have to stop :dizzy_face:


I have those problems also, but w/o i cant feel everything under me, their always cold, but w/ them on the seem my ur toes WHO DECIDED TO PUT IT THERE!? And if they move its just :face_vomiting:. I understand those problems.


Nope, no socks here. Too tight, too suffocating, that seam drives me batty. Now slippers that I made are fabulous, no seams, bumps, or irritating string.


Exactly, those seems are pure evil!

I can handle bulky slippers sometimes. But because of hyperhidrosis I have super sweaty feet, they don’t survive very long.


Such good advice, thank you!! I have ADHD and I think I’m most guilty of getting too focused and then forgetting to eat and drink :sweat_smile:


Same! I never really thought of any of these tips, so thank you so much! I am always testing and designing and will soon be stocking an etsy! (Hopefully :crossed_fingers: ) these will definitely help me stay on top of things :two_hearts: