Crochet Pattern Testers Needed.

Hey guys, I’m on the hunt for 5 crocheters, who would like to test my first crochet patter for me. The pattern is free, but all I ask is please do not try and sale my pattern. If this pattern turns out well, I’ll be sure to produce more in the months to come. If interested drop me a message with your email, so I can send you a pdf of my pattern along with pictures of the finished product. Thank you in advance.


That’s so cute!!! Good luck with testing


Unfortunately, Testing on Ribblr requires that testers be able to test the pattern through ribblr. You have to have uploaded the pattern.

This thread was designed by ribblr staff and has a lot of information you may find useful!


how does one go about publishing their pattern on here?

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Interested in testing!!

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That link I gave you goes over the how-to’s and the different instructions in detail! There’s even a couple clever little videos that ought to give ya a giggle while they’re teaching ya things. ^-^ If you have any specific questions after reading that thread and watching those videos I’d be happy to help!

There’s also a tutorial video and a tutorial process set up inside Ribblr’s pattern posting system, so you’ve got multiple layers of pattern how-to’s to play with.

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Awesome let me get it posted correctly for you guys :slight_smile:

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Hi im interested in trying to test the pattern!:grin:

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