Did You Know? 🧐 Personalize any pattern with auto-translation and auto-convertor

Welcome to our Did You Know? :face_with_monocle: (dyk) segment where we teach you about Ribblr features and tools you might not know yet!

Did You Know? Personalize any pattern with auto-translation and auto-convertor.

Ribblr ePattern is more than a digital eco-friendly pattern format, it’s truly powerful and interactive.
Unlike traditional patterns, it’s all about your crafting journey.

We recently wrote about how you can personalize Ribblr ePatterns by matching the colored instructions to your yarn shade/color and by using smart sizing to see your size only.

And today we’d like to talk about measuring units and languages.

Let’s face it - if you use inches then reading a pattern that uses cm is going to be as hard as saying encyclopedia backward.

That’s why Ribblr ePattern provides auto-conversion on the go. Just click the cm or inches icon and watch the magic happens.
We’ll save your preferences for all patterns so you always see your preferred measuring unit.

And that’s not all!

You can also use the flag icons to translate the pattern.
So you can stop reciting “my sc is their dc” if you’re an American who bought a pattern from a UK-based designer.

Both our auto-translator and auto-convertor work automatically (hence the name :wink:) across all patterns so you can always craft with ease.

Designers - you can simply write your pattern using your preferred measuring unit and language! We’ll translate & convert the pattern for you so you can save the time and reach far more customers than ever before :sunglasses:

Want to learn more?
:face_with_monocle: Check out our previous Did You Know? posts.

You can always post your questions here on the community or visit our help center.


Thanks for sharing! I love the time and effort you put to make pattern reading seamless across the wide range of users! Although I may not notice this feature it’s all due to the fact that it works so well! :smile::laughing:


We love features that are robust yet feel natural as if it’s always been this way :purple_heart: