Did You Know? 🧐 You can remove your sale fees!

We have ton of awesome features here on Ribblr, with new ones released (#featuredrop) every month!
This is awesome news for crafters, but with so many unique features you can sometimes miss out on a game-changing feature you didn’t know exists.

Introducing: Did You Know? :face_with_monocle: #dyk
A new community segment with quick tips and tricks so you can learn more about our features and tools.

Did You Know? :face_with_monocle: You can remove your sale fees with $elFee! :moneybag:

Launched in April 2022, $elFee is your personal smart fee which gives you full control over your sale fees.

You can find the $elFee icon (see video below) on the top section of your shop, makes page, as well as your make & pattern listings.
Just click it, and copy/share your personal link. It’s really that simple!
You’ll earn points when people use your personal link, so the more people use your links, the more rewards you’ll earn - up to 100% OFF your sale fee.

$elFee points and rewards you earn apply to both makes AND patterns you sell.

:gift: You’ll start each month with a bonus (at least 250 points) of $elFee points, depending on how many points you’ve earned in the previous month.

Note: our system is designed to flag abuse of the system and remove $elFee points accordingly.

Watch this video to learn more or click here :arrow_down:

:sparkles: Don’t forget: you can always learn more by asking questions here on the community or by visiting our help center.


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