Equestrian/Teaching class about horses gc?

Hellooooo! So I know this is kind of an odd question to put on ribblr, but I was wondering if anyone would be interested in me making a group chat to teach everyone about horses! I want to be a riding instructor at some point in my life lol, so I was hoping if people were interested this could allow me to practice a little bit!!

So, whats the basic idea?

I want to create a place for me to teach people about horses! I am an equestrian, and would love to teach people more about horses in general and how to care for them. You don’t have to own a horse, be an equestrian, or partake in riding lessons to learn!

What will I be teaching exactly?

I will mainly be focusing on basic knowledge of horses and what to do in certain situations. After we move on from that I will go over grooming and grooming tools, then tacking up, and then tack parts!

“I want to join, but I don’t have any knowledge on horses :(”

Fear not! This will be a crash course/a dummies guide to horses in general!

“I’m interested! How can I join and who can join?”

As I have previously mentioned, this is a dummies guide to horses, so this is meant for people with very little experience with horses in general! This isn’t really meant for current equestrians, but they are of course, always welcome. I just don’t want somebody in the chat that is going to critique how I teach/my wording because there are many different terms for the same thing in the equestrian world. I will mainly be teaching english (so when we move onto tack pieces then it will be for english saddles/tack)

If you would like to join, then please comment “:horse:” and I will be sure to add you!! <3


:horse: I’d love to join! :))


this is so cool, i recently moved to idaho an i have been partaking in horse riding lessons


That’s awesome!!


im already in it-


I would love to join! :horse: Horses are one of my favourite animals and I’d love to learn more about them

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Yes please! :horse: I barely know anything, and I’ve only ridden a few times recently, so this sounds great! I’d also love to learn some more about grooming, I like giving horses scratches and watching them stretch out when it feels good hehe


Love to join

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