Etsy strike

I’ve never posted on the community before but now I am and it’s an important one. I’ll make it short by saying I am an Etsy seller for finished products and of course there are fees and Etsy is now raising those fees by 30% even though they had record profits. for one product I sell the fees including shipping are 12.62$ USD so I have to charge very high prices for my items and that’s a terrible feeling. Please I encourage anyone to reads this to at least take a look at the site and read more about this movement. Etsystrike . Org is the site you should look at


I really hate what Etsy is doing :angry: thank you @ribblr fpr making fees as low as possible for us :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:


Yes totally @SierraCrochets07 @ribblr is the best!! :two_hearts: