Favorite Make? (December 2022 & 2022 entire)

Hey there! Asked this last month and it was fun to see what projects you were all proud of and enjoyed working on!

Seeing as it’s the end of the year, I thought it would be fun to see a favorite make of yours from December AND from the entirety of 2022! Since that might be a challenge, you’re welcome to pick more than one make (from any craft, doesn’t strictly have to be from ribblr either), but I just want you to toot your own horn and show me (at least) one work you’re especially proud of or had a blast working on or that just sticks out to you in some way!

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Maybe you nailed it technically or you made new friends in the process or there’s a sentimental significance attached, perhaps your vision came to life or you challenged yourself or you experienced the thrill of the build - whatever it may be, I’m excited to hear about it!

Pictures are not required, but always welcomed!

Happy New Year’s/Eve to you all! Stay safe :heartpulse:


I cant just pick ONE!!
I learned how to crochet in June of this year, and i used to (hand) sew plushies before that…
Having just learned a new skill makes me proud of ALL my creations.

  • Im very proud of my Pierre the Penguin (from The Woobles) which [the kit] was a gift from my brother. This was the project that started it all!
  • Im thankful for all the wonderful videos in Youtube, as well as patterns in Pinterest, and here in Ribblr (in order of how I “discovered” them for crochet patterns usage)
  • I am very proud of my Christmas Tree Xavier (by Lalylala) which taught me patience making legs lol (first project doing legs!) I made 2 and they helped decorate my xmas tree this year
  • I am very proud of the 4 mini dolls I crochet for my cousins (luffy and zoro from one piece and then i modified the pattern to make ‘11’ from stranger thing and ‘Haku’ from Spirited Away
  • I am very proud of my benji bear pattern by @crochetbykelsie as it just came out adorable (here is my December make!)
  • I am very proud of my chonky bunny pattern by @xhunni as its my new baby (biggest crochet plushie to date and the weight to it is just so perfect to cubble!)

Thank you to every designer out there! Thank you for those that have gifted patterns, make them free, and for those that have allow me to test them!
Thank you @Ribblr and this wonderful community!


I would never dream of making a fiber artist pick just one baby! :joy:

That’s incredible you picked up crochet this year, and you should very well be proud of all you’ve accomplished!

I love that your brother supported your hobby and started you down your crochet path - how sweet is that! And it’s always a great feeling learning something new and seeing the fruits of that with a tangible object. Legs are hard, congrats on powering through! The fact that you’re already modifying patterns too is so impressive, and I’m certain your cousins loved their goodies. I’ll have to check out your makes to see Benji- crochetbykelsie has some truly adorable patterns, so I can imagine how darling it must be! I’m glad you’ve got such a nice plushie to snuggle up to in your chonky bunny, as well!

Thank you for being a part of that community and for sharing!

I, too, am incredibly grateful for this community- designers and creators alike for offering their experience, knowledge, and inspiration.


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I think all the patterns I made were so fun! My favorite would have to be a mushroom (the one in my profile picture) :smile::smile::yarn: happy new years/eve to you and everyone as well! Make sure to stay safe everyone :blush:


I’m glad you had such a great experience with all the patterns you used this year! That mushroom is so stinking cute, I can understand why it is a fave! Everytime I see your icon it makes me smile. ^.^

Wishing you a great holiday - hope you’re warm and cozy!


Hugs back to you, friend!


Everytime i see your picture i want to make one like it! It looks great!:heart:


Thank you! I also wish you a warm and cozy new years :smile: and thank you @CraftsByAdrivs :heart:


Favorite things I made this year:

In december: my snow cone pattern

I’m happy about all the wonderful people I got to connect with this year! I made amazing friends in the crochet community.


I was going through mine just now, and it’s so incredibly hard because I have faves for a myriad of reasons and worked on a ton of awesome designs, but here are three of my favorites from the year! They all happen to be ribblr patterns, too, so I’ll link them below.

First up: This chunky cow plush, specifically my chocolate ice cream version! It was the first pattern I used on ribblr and really represents my return to fiber arts after not crocheting for three or so years. I was very happy with how it came out, and it was also my first plush that ever sold, so it holds a special place in my heart.

Next up, I have this Finnigan the Fuzzy Owl. Again, I was pleased with how it came together, but what stands out is that it was my first time working extensively with fuzzy yarn on a plushy project, so it taught me patience and improvisation! I was most delighted with the eyes as it was my first time doing them this way.

Last up for the yearly review I’ve got this lovely Sonali Top that I was fortunate to test. It was one of the first garments I made, and I learned a great deal working on it, with stitches and techniques that were completely new to me at the time. I felt incredibly challenged by the project at the time, but the sense of accomplishment when I finished and saw what I made was unparalleled.

Runners up are these clever/cute bags that just make me smile whenever I use them (and are of the rare few projects I haven’t gifed or sold to others):

Frog Bag:

Pumpkin Bag:

And this hand knitted (new technique for me) pocket scarf which was for my mom. When she opened it she cried tears of joy, and it felt good to be the cause of some happy tears. Sorry I don’t have very good photos of this one, but here it is anyway :relaxed::

My favorite December make is this Puppycat design I worked on from ForgedinFiber! I really took my time with cutting the felt and placing the details, and I think it shows.

December runner up is Mr.Snowman of the gumdrop gang:

Links to the patterns below!

Chunky Cow:

Finnigan the Owl:

Sonali Top:

Frog Bag:

Crossbody Pumpkin Bag:

Hand knit scarf was freestyled.

Puppycat pattern is unreleased at the moment.

Gumdrop Gang:


So happy we got the chance to connect this year! I feel the same about making some wonderful friends who share this passion.

Absolutely stunning work, Winter! My goodness, that shawl (?) in the second photo is one of the most glorious things I’ve laid eyes on, wow - such artistry!

And your snow cone is snow adorable!


That shawl is


It’s a pattern by Red Teapot Atelier, it’s such an amazing pattern! It took an insane amount of time (and yarn loll) but I’m so glad I did it. It sold fast too :smiley:


I can absolutely see why it would. I’m still over here like :scream_cat:


I actually didn’t crochet much in December but my favorite was this adorable pocket octo (pattern by hookedandbeyond)

There is no way I could choose just 1 for the whole year! I loved creating my line of Prism Pals and I completed a ton of tests for other designers! I really enjoyed making Frankie though. He was one of my very first tests :relaxed: (pattern by Beautiful Arts and Crafts)

I am so excited to design more in 2023! I want to expand my Prism Pal line, starting with my no sew Octopus which will debut the 1st or 2nd week of January!


I feel you on the low crochet month - I had a lot going on here, but I adore hookedonbeyond’s stuff and you did a great job with their octo!

Frankie looks fantastic!!! Look at that neat stitching swoon! Such a clever way of doing the brain. People are so creative :star_struck:

I’m super excited for the release of more prism pals - they’re a really fun concept! Best of luck to you on designing more this upcoming year!!! I’m hoping to try my hand at it too :sweat_smile:


This is my favorite ami made this year.

This is my embarrassing ami.

This one was a challenge but I am very proud of this doll.

I made this and didn’t think much of it but ended up being the one everyone fought over!!

This one took a couple of months but very pleased with result, added the fishing lure in the hat, and also have a fishing pole


Your favorite ami has so much character and looks awesome with the whiskers I always forget about buttons for eyes, but it gives such a unique look; I love it!

Why is the gingerbread embarrassing? I think it looks like a great gingy! And your doll is lovely, too - super digging the color choices; I can see why you’re proud of it! I often find the projects that give me a little bit of a challenge end up being the most rewarding upon completion.

Ngl, I also would have thrown down for the frog. :rofl: That teal/emerald color is a nice, rich shade, and I bet it feels soooooo soft!

Your additions make the bear plush stand out, and his little ensemble tickles me greatly! I bet the fishing pole really pulls it all together. :relaxed:

Thank you for sharing!


The Frankenstein’s Monster is so cute :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart: