Favorite project type

What’s everyone’s favorite type of project to make?

I love making just about everything except amugurumi (don’t hate me :wink:), but if I had to choose it would probably be shawls…

But I do make a LOT of clothing items too


I get your passion for shawls! For having a relatively simple shape, they are not that easy to make! I really love the blue one :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I actually love making amigurumi… At this point I understand amigurumi so well that I can probably make and design any amigurumi!

I recently started making clothes, but I find it quite hard because when you make clothes you need to worry about so many things, like fit, and gauge is so important…
But I think it’s really fun to wear something you created yourself, so I am trying to improve on that!


It seems like so many livye amugurumi, but it’s just not a skill or love that I have… I love seeing them and I want to make them, but alas we all have our own thing right?
One thing I love about shawls is that they can be easy or difficult… But it seems that no matter the difficulty, they are all beautiful! (And you’d probably be surprised to know that the blue was actually easier than the pink and white)
Clothing is definitely it’s own game, but yes it’s so rewarding to wear your makes :grin:


It’s amazing how everyone have different strengths and weaknesses! What’s easy for one person is hard for the other…! That’s life I guess, it’s beautiful!

I am surprised about the shawl difficulty level! Things are not always what they seem!
Both shawls are lovely, I just really love the butterflies and the color… :butterfly:


I love knitting shawls too but have stopped for a while as I have so many!
I’m also very keen on knitting socks and have knitted several garments this year :blush:


For me it would be shawls.


I love shawls too! I make loads of them for the women at the cancer center. Right now I’m in the middle of a ton of chemo caps for the cancer center and hats for the troops and first responders through Operation Gratitude. Someone just gifted me a bunch of Willow Wheels… I had been wanting to try them. The colors are beautiful! I had ordered some Lion Brand Mandala and Shawl in a Ball, some Red Heart Unforgettable, Red Heart Super Saver Ombre, and some other yarn from Hobbii. Can’t wait to sit down and play! Hopefully I will have blasted through all the hats I want to get done by the end of the year!


I always have a challenge project and easy quick project and one in between. So socks, a sweater and Shetland Lace with cobweb weight yarn. I did make a little sweater for my grand daughter.


Sweaters. For ME. (Who else can I wake up at 2am for a fitting? LOL). Trouble is that most of the year here in the south SF Bay Area it is too hot to wear one.


I love knitting hats! Not too long till you get a finished item, easy to transport, can stick in my bag and usually a fairly easy to memorize pattern.


I used to love making shawls but they just don’t spark joy anymore! Lately I’ve been doing a lot of hats and I’m branching into clothing. I like amigurumi once in a while, but I do find it fiddly most of the time.


I love to make all kinds of things. Sweaters, shawls blankets. Socks are my favorite things to make


I love making amigurumis and shawls :slight_smile:


I’ll admit it’s been a year since I’ve made a shawl as garments have been a major focus, but the bug has been biting hard!
Sock bug keeps biting too, but then another garment comes along and distracts me :woman_shrugging:t3:


Yes yes! I really love shawls


Ok, so with every sentence I wanted to love your post even more… But alas, I’m allowed 1 love per post :woman_shrugging:t3::blush:
As an army wife and military sister / veteran granddaughter, I truly appreciate your hats for military and first responders!
Looking forward to seeing what you make when you do sit down and play


I like your set up (even though I’d personally never stick to it)! Which would you say is your favorite to make: the socks, sweaters, or shawls? Or is it a tie (I could totally get behind multiple favorites :blush:)

Somehow I left out that I absolutely adore the sweater and the model - ADORABLE


Oh so pretty! Yes self makes definitely allow for flexibility… Plus why shouldn’t we make things for ourselves? :wink:


Oh good point!


I’m glad that you recognize what makes you happy/unhappy and are branching into other projects! Honestly, my biggest dislike with amugurumi is I can’t stuff it correctly :woman_facepalming:t3::woman_shrugging:t3: but I could see how it would be considered fiddly…
Hats and clothing are both so rewarding though! So who needs amugurumi? :wink: