Fluffy Yarn HELP

Has anyone got any tips to crochet with fluffy yarn? I bought a whole bunch of skeins and I’m really struggling to even start off my pattern with it :sob: i was so excited to try it but I’m really struggling to even make an MR :pleading_face:


My suggestions are;

  1. use stitch markers in every stitch
    2)good lighting
    3)practice your stitches (make a swatch, you can always frog it)

I’m surprised I even managed to make anything with that kind of yarn. Like above is a great tip. Make sure you’re counting stitches otherwise you may have too much or too little


To start a pattern with chenille, yarn etc Start the mr with worsted weight hold it, and sc into the ring with the fluffy yarn . Then you would pull the worsted yarn rather than the fluffy to close! Hope this makes sense


When making a magic ring with fluffy yarn you HAVE to do your stitch loosely or there will be too much tension for you to tighten it and it will break your yarn, when I work with regular yarn and then switch to fluffy i sometimes do my rings too tight but what helps us make your first stitch loosely, pull your ring almost closed and crochet the rest of the stitches in the ring. This allows less tension since you’re only tightening through one loop. It also might help for you to get a multicolored fluffy yarn so you can see your different stitches because sometimes it’s unclear where the stitches are lol


I assume you mean it’s snapping when you try to pull it? Chenille is my main yarn and what I do is: chain 2 (the number of chains is personal preference and depends on the yarn. I know a lot of people like 4) and then work all the stitches into the first chain. It works much better and you can’t tell the difference when looking at it.
As for tips:

  1. Learn how to feel where your stitches are. Helps with all types of yarn you can’t see your stitches in.
  2. Count! What I did when I first started was to put a stitch marker at each of my increases. And I still do it in intervals on big projects. Makes it so much easier.
  3. The yarn will always shed. Try to crochet in a place that will make cleanup easier lol.
  4. Good lighting and light colored yarn are good places to start.
    So many more tips but I have a terrible memory.
    Maybe try looking up some YouTube video for more tips!

I also will pinch the yarn feeling for the next stitch so I don’t miss any. Especially when I’m using black!!!:crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face:


For starting projects with fluffy yarn I usually use the chain two method instead of a magic ring. Hope this helps!


I am a fluffy yarn lover :raising_hand_woman:t2: I like using fluffy yarn for my projects.

I usually use normal yarn to crochet my work for the first time to familiarize the patterns.

Must use stitch markers to mark the first and the last stitch of the round or row, it will be easier to know if you crochet the right or wrong number of stitches for the next round/row.

Use the left hand to feel the hollow to find the next stitch.


Same here. I read a really good tip on a pattern I did, which was to feel for the “bumps” and then place the hook between the bumps to stitch.


A good way to start is holding a non fluffy yarn with it. Then you can use that to learn how to feel your stitches.


I have best luck by feeling the stitches instead of seeing them. Realize that perfection and frogging are difficult with that yarn… it’s not just you! Be patient with you!