Following not working

I was trying to open the pattern for hello kitty by knotsmichelle which said it was followers only, so i followed her but it still doesn´t work, i tried with other profiles and it doesnt allow me to follow anyone PLEASE HEL`P


Are you following her shop or profile? It only works if you follow her shop and then go back to the pattern <3


I also sometimes will have to follow the shop and then click on the pattern from the shops page instead of going back to the pattern or it doesnt work right for me.


Hi, congrats on your first post! Just to make sure, you followed their shop and not their profile right? For reference this is what you have to follow, I have a screenshot of a shop and circled what you have to click it should be on the top right regardless of what you’re on but let me know if it’s different from the website/other devices :smile:


Did you ever get this figured out? I now have the same problem and came to search if anyone else posted the same.
Weird thing is one of the patterns I tried to get said I must follow. So, I go the the shop and there is no heart to follow the shop. What is even weirder is that I already have a pattern from their shop for a different free pattern and so I must already be following.

Hmmm glitch in the matrix. Now I’m unable to follow some shops?

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Here’s a link about this issue as well, I would read the comments and if nothing works or makes sense I would do what Ribblr says in the comments as well

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Please DM us with a screengrab demonstrating this issue.