Get to know everyone

Hello so there is some new people joining Ribblr everyday and I would just like to get to know everyone and y’all can us this as a get to new people better on Ribblr this is for new comers and people that have been on Ribblr a long time you can tell about yourself or anything really but nothing inappropriate


Hi, im TitanWave(not my real name)
welcome to ribblr
i love to crochet, solve simple math problems, do resin, and help people.
Fav food : food
Fav drink : water, chocolate milk
Fav color : blue, teal, torsuies, green
Fav movie : Pokemon, How to train your Dragon, Trollhunters Rise of the titans
Fav show : Pokemon, Dragons Race to the Edge, Trollhunters, 3Below, Wizards
Fav book : Wing of Fire

:sparkles: More About me :sparkles:
:white_heart: I’m a self taught crocheter (I learned from YouTube, and ribblr now)
:white_heart: i play with stray cats around the neighborhood(there’s this orange tabby that loves me and it love it
:white_heart: I love cats and cute animals(foxs, bunnnies,etc.)

hope you have a good day(or night)

Name: Titan_Wave

My crafts: Crochet, resin, baking

Favorite color(s): blue, teal, torsuies, green

Favorite emoji: :rofl::grinning::grin::smiley::laughing::sparkles:


hey! i’m also pretty new here- i’m daisy, thats just an online name for safety reasons tho, not my real name lol. i’m 13 and a christian. i started learning crochet at the beginning of this year and am hoping to make some patterns + go to some markets soon! from what i can tell so far ribblr seems like a very cool community, hopefully u like it here too! :]


Hello nice to meet you hi I’m fishyfish not my real name and I’m have been on Ribblr for 2 years and I’m a self taught crocheter also love to fish hunt and play with my dogs :dog: my favorite emoji is :+1:t3::rofl:


hiii! My name is mia and I’m a teen crocheter. I love making amigurumi and am hoping to start up my own shop someday! I love the ribblr community and am so excited to​ make new friends : )

here’s some of my :sparkles: favorites :sparkles:

Colors: Sage Green and Teal
Books: Percy Jackson Series, Harry Potter, Divergent, Hunger Games, The Maze Runner (don’t make me choose!)
Artist: :sparkles: taylor swifttt :sparkles:
Food: udon or boba def
TV Show: ummm idk i don’t rly have one
Video Game: Stardew Valley
Craft: Crochet
Sport: :sparkles:track and field​:sparkles:
Scroll down! :kissing_heart:

Other stuff:

Pronouns are She/Her/Hers
I crochet. That’s it
I speak English, but learning french on duolingo :croissant:
I have a dog and a fish :dog:
I play the flute 🪈
I’ve been crocheting since the beginning of 2024


Hiiii!!! :heart_hands:
My name is Zep, I’m 14 and started crocheting 3 years ago, self taught with youtube :nail_care:
I have been on ribblr for 2 years and am making free patterns.
My hobbies are: crochet, drawing/painting, watching youtube :face_with_peeking_eye:, jewelry making, eating food :sweat_smile:, cooking, a little bit of knitting, and sewing!
My fav colors: I like most colors, but green is my most favorite :green_heart:
My pets: 12 cats, 6 ducks, 4 bunnies, and 32 chickens!
My fav foods: anything exept raisins, cranberries, pumpkin, potato salad, and olives. :face_vomiting:
My fav shows rn are: House and AHS
My fav video games rn are minecraft, fortnite, roblox, and animal crossing!
here are some :sparkles:amazing:sparkles: people on ribblr
@craftycellist @EV13isSPOCY @ambre3 @sakuracrochets @SunshineStudio @Combre42 @littlemisswonderful @maddiecore @Elaya @SweetTomato
I’m so sorry if I didn’t add you :sob:


hellouu!! <3
My name is Maple, and Imma 13 y/o that started crocheting 4-5 years ago ^^ (( am a self-taught crocheter yesyes ))
I’ve pretty much been here for only 3-4 months and its been great!!
such a sweet/kind/understanding community <3
hobbies: biking, crocheting, drawing, cooking, ectect
my fave colors are literally any pastel colors x3
i have 3 cats, 12 turkeys, 50+ chickens, 1 goat, a couple of pigs, n’ 2 cows
my fave foods are chink alfredo, dried strawberries, and anythin meat related ^^
my fav shows/movies: gravity falls, dance moms, heartland, young sheldon, nimona, and ect that idk :sob:
music artists: odetari, olivia rodrigo, zach bryan, n’ morgan wallen
my fave book types: mystery, romance, ectect
ma fave peoples: @maddiecore - (miss u sm) , @SunshineStudio @sakuracrochets @Elaya @ellan3326 @littlemisswonderful @SporkyGirl @LittleCreatures @XxTheCosmosxX @CreshesxCritters


Hi hi!!
My name is Ella, and I’m 12 years old!! I started crocheting 2 years ago and I’m also a self taught crocheter.
I’ve been here for about 6 months, and the community is so kind and amazing!! :heart:
Hobbies: crocheting, contortion, gymnastics, biking, reading, engineering
My favorite colors are pastel anything as well
I have 1 dog, 3 bunnies, 6 quail, and 6 chickens :dog: :chicken: :rabbit:
My favorite foods are udon, soon du bu (korean tofu soup), and chocolate covered strawberries
I don’t really have any favorite shows, but I love anything romantic, lol
My fave music artists are Olivia Rodrigo, Coldplay, and Taylor Swift
I love mystery, romantic, and crime kinda books :books:
My favorite people are @RainbowPenguin2 @EV13isSPOCY @notmimi @Combre42 @Scarletskies @SunshineStudio @sakuracrochets @Elaya


Hey I’m Pickle/Combre
I’m not going to share any personal information, so all I can say is that I crochet and I am loving Ribblr and I hope to make even more patterns for people to enjoy!!

And all my friends are in my summery and if you check there and your name is there then you’re my fren!
But I’ll tag one or 2
@ellan3326 @TitanWave @JaeaRenee @notmimi and literally everyone else!

Edit: or 4 :sob:


my name is marie but some peeps call me Sakura/cai!!
I’ve been on here for about 3-4 months
my hobbies are crocheting, jewelry making, designing, drawing!
my favorite colors are red, white, pink, black, gray
I have 2 dogs, 1 goldfish
my fav foods are pho, udon, kimchi, kimchi fried rice, and soon du bu
my fav shows/movies is ten things I hate about you, gravity falls, karate kid, suite life !!
my fav artists are beabadoobee, laufey, and kpop artists!!
my fav people on here are @maddiecore -love uu @EV13isSPOCY - funny and sweet @ellan3326 - the coolest! @SunshineStudio - amazing and just perfect :dizzy: @littlemisswonderful - scary but sweet
@OmniStupid , @CreshesxCritters , @LittleCreatures, @XxTheCosmosxX - amazing peoples
@Coxkroach - so skibidi

If I missed anyone sorry!


and @pomandtyler - super skibidi


how am i scary :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Welcome to ribblr <3!
My name is Corvid/Cloudy!
I like to crochet, draw, and a lot more, but I’m basically just on this site for my partner (@RingoSilly <3)
My favourite food is watermelon :))
My favourite drink is either a monster or black tea!
Favourite colour is green :))
I don’t watch movies that much, but probably guardians of the galaxy!
Favourite book is probably any of the PJO or Warrior cats ones :))


HI im jaearenee (not my real name)
nice to meet you!!! im a teen crocheter. I create my own patterns and have a youtube channel. I like making crochet plushies but thats not all i like to do<3

my fav colors: teal and pink and gray that just some of my favs<3

fav books: percy jackson, harry potter, the summer i turned pretty, and scary books hehe

food: i like any food that doesnt have (a lot of meat, onions, eggplant, squash any kind, sweet
potato, and any sweet food thats meant to be a real meal) hehe its a lot

fav drink: water

tv show : thats hard but ummmm kimi ni todoke,peaky blinders, ive prob have more just cant think of them lol!!!

fav movies: harry potter, maze runner, hunger games, the little mermaid ive also have more just dont want to bore you

fav youtubers: uncomfy, lol prodacast, jordan matter, crochetbygenna, hooks and healers, lol all i can think of<3

love all kinds of music<3

fav video game: minecraft, hello neighbor, fornite

crafts: music, crochet, sew, draw, paint,build,beatz, youtube vids

sports: soccer, track,baseball, gymnastics for now hehe

Prounouns: She/her/hers

i speak english, but learning spanish and japanese!!! hola and konnichiwa>_<

i have two cats

im homeschooled

im introverted<3

ive been crochet for a whole year now<3
if you ever need someone to talk to im here<3 im always open to making new friends!!!

ooo ps my number 1 bestie is @notmimi


Oops did you mean to say Not my real name or note?


@Combre42 omg thx i meant to say not lol i was typing so fast<3


Np. :pensive:


omg ur too sweeet! ur my number one too dw :wink:


Im claira/clarice, most ppl stick with clarice
And i have been crocheting for 7 YEARS DANG (I JUST COUNTED THIS)
I am a huge band nerd i play french horn, euphonium, and trumpet, then during market season i play mellophone
I am turning 15 soon and i an currently working kn money for a car
I love to help anyone and everyone with everything
And i can be the gayest person yk even tho im ace
Some BEST friends that ive known for a while on here (they are less active) are @CreshesxCritters @HuggleNHooks @CrochetOleander @LittleCreatures and @artnium73
Then some new friends i have made recently are @BirdGirlCrochet and @ambre3 and more but i cant remember the @ sorry :sob: