Help me!?

Hi all, feeling very sad and a little bit stupid.

I’ve been crochting for 48 years so not a beginner in that department, however I am a complete and total Ribblr newbie with all the uncoordinated and lostness that goes with that.

I’m fully embarrassed to say I can not find my way to the Happy Scrappy CAL patterns. Ive seen and read post after post of beautiful colors and amazing stitchwork … yall are most talented! … However I wanna stitch it too and post pics and all the other fun things that go with CAL’s.

Could someone please hold my little hand and guide me in the right direction. I’d be most appreciative and forever greatful!!!

In the meantime I’m just gonna sit in this corner over here and *pout" for a little while.

Seriously please help, I am so completely flabbergasted at my lack of site skills …

Thanks and always remember
Well they do u know. :palm_tree:


Hi and welcome to Ribblr!

Here’s the Happy Scrappy CAL topic:

it seems that the pattern is available here:

Let us know if you need more help!


Thank u so much i am elated! :palm_tree:


So glad you found it. Also don’t beat yourself up on having difficulty navigating a new site. There is always a learning curve with any platform. Someone tried to get me onto a Discord server the other day and I was lost for about 2 hours. You’ll get better the more you navigate.
Welcome to the community!
Ask for help anytime- it’s what we’re all here for :wink:
Happy Making,


This is the first I’ve heard of it, so thanks for making a post about it! And don’t be embarrassed. I was completely lost when I first signed up. Honestly, I didn’t come back, for almost a year? I just didn’t get what ribblr was or how to use it. I’ve now been on here almost every single day for the past months! It takes a little bit of time to get the hang of it, but it’s pretty quick learning. And welcome!:hugs: