Help please

Hi there!

I’m still fairly new……
Do you release the pattern to the public first then assign testers?
Or do you assign testers then release the pattern to the public after?

The second one makes more sense. But I’m unsure


You assign the pattern to testers first, so you will go to the button above where you press for ribbuild and then press post a tester call and you can then asign that to testers that apply on your post.


You can do both if you like preferably before the pattern is published is preferred but you can test a published pattern

Also here’s something I try to do for newcomers here on Ribblr :smile: If you ever need help never hesitate to ask in the community, if you need immediate answers feel free to use the help center, search in the community, or the wiki [link below] and community guidelines if needed :smile: Happy crafting! Hope to see your crafts soon as well :smile:


Thank you so much!!!

You are so kind !