Here is my first FO! Do you remember yours?

Although I’m progressing in baby-steps I am really proud to share my first FO!
This is actually an upcoming Ribblr pattern that will be released soon :shushing_face:

I made it for a new born baby and while it’s definitely not perfect, I’m sure it’ll keep him warm :innocent:

I’d love to know - what was yours first FO and when was it? How long did it take you to complete it?


My very first project was one of those double-thick potholders that kind of folds up diagonally - the one that everyone’s grandmother made. :older_woman:


Oh that sounds super cool! Picture? :grin:

Oh, I gave it to my grandma or my mom as a thank you for teaching me.

However, it is basically this design here:


Oh that is so kind :slight_smile: I’m sure they loved it.

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Yes, my first FO was a sweater, long sleeved, that I knit at age 8 along with my best friend. Mom taught us both. No pictures, that was more than 60 years ago! But it was gray.


I started an afghan in junior high school. It seemed to take forever. But, years later when I first learned to read patterns, I made a hat for my grandson while we watched him for a couple hours. That one fills my heart just thinking about it. The hat was 8 years ago, the blanket was in 1976 ish.

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That’s incredible! sounds like a lot of fun.

That is awesome! :smile:Do you have pictures of it?

Unfortunately no. But maybe I can ‘paint’ you one. The blanket was a yellow, green and white ripple, each color being 2 or 3 inches. Fit a queen or king size bed when I was finished. The hat was orange. Asher sat on papa’s lap and watched me. I made a few rounds and tried it on him, until I got it long enough to cover his ears. Then I made a little bill off the front. When I finished I put it on him and he immediately reached to take it off, But, he saw himself in the mirror and did a quick double take. Pretty sure he liked it, He was only 6 months old at the time.

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That is so cool :slight_smile: Thank you for sharing!

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