Heyy, I wanted to bring something up

Hey everyone, I wanted to ask for tips and give a place in case others need help too. I’m curious about weight tips, I’d like to know if I’m not the only one who’s going through this and we can talk about it if I’m not :hugs::gift_heart:


for losing or gaining weight?? i know more about losing than gaining. Assuming ur talking about human weights and not yarn weights lol


Both, but for me it’s losing weight. Yeah I’m talking about people and not yarn​:joy:


More protein and fiber, eating before 6 PM, healthier foods ofc, vitamins, sleeping properly, drinking water, eating breakfast, lunch, AND dinner at appropriate times. I’m working on this too lol, there are also some diets you can go on, maybe fast for a week or two? Please avoid eating disorders tho, they’re so much worse than gaining weight. <33

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