Hi! I just posted my first pattern!

It’s free and it’s really easy and quick! It is my first pattern, so I won’t be surprised if I did something wrong. I hope you try it out!! :purple_heart::purple_heart:


congratulations on the new pattern. As of right now, your shop is not showing up. You may want to log out and back again, it happens at times with new shops. I also moved this to the Crochet :yarn: space and added the pattern-drop patterns and announcement tags to make your pattern easier to search for. :blush:


Congrats! Also, another great function of ribblr is the testing part! You can post a tester call, and then give certain people access to the pattern to test it out and weed out any mistakes or typos! Its completely optional but it is very useful!


I second @Loladoggo , the testing tools available on ribblr are unparalleled.!
Here’s a link for more information on how it works, and I hope we see more from you! :blush:


Congrats on the pattern release!


Congrats on your first pattern release! Your shop doesn’t show up in your profile yet, logging out and then logging back in should fix that :smiley:

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