How to find a market?

I live in Netherlands but I don’t speak Dutch, only Polish and English. I’d love to start going to markets because I’m really bad at internet marketing :sweat_smile: any tips how to find a market to go? I tried googling market + my city name, in English and with Google translate and on my city website. Nothing :pleading_face:


I live in Utah and my grandma and a few family friends do garage sales and let me know and I make some creatures and sell them there. You can also look for signs for farmers markets and events. My grandpa on my moms side makes jewelry and he has a stand at the pow wow every year and sells them. I even sell some of my stuff there. You can also look on Facebook for any farmers markets craft fairs and all sorts of stuff in your area.


Sometimes they will have different markets that you can go to, like a chain of markets. I am part of a childrens/teens entrepreneur market chain where we travel all over my state and sell different items. I would suggest finding something like that, that has a chain of events :slight_smile: