hello and welcome

if you have made it this far :partying_face: :wave: :wave: make yourself at home,

This thread is just to say who you are and what craft you do. Anything else you feel like sharing would be great.

This is a new space and this is my first time hosting a space so if there is anything you want/need give me a shout and i’ll see if i can get it for you.


So i’ll go first…
i’m AnnMarie, 45 and from Scotland.
I’m mum to 4 kids 3 of whom are Autistic and I myself have a recent ADHD diagnosis after years of various misdiagnosis’.
I’m a self taught Knitter and i have started dabbling in Crochet.
Hyper Focus is a big thing for me so although i own a sewing machine and am fairly proficient with it currently wool crafts are my ‘thing’.


hi!! nice to meet you
my name is felix, i’m (almost) 18 and recently i’m learning how to crochet with my mum’s help :smiley:


Hi! I’m Olivia from New York. I just turned 23 and I’m a self taught crocheter. Or at least it’s my main focus I know how to knit and sew too. My great grandma taught me how to sew when I was younger so I’m not the best at it.

It’s nice to meet all of you!


Hello all! I’m Letsy and I’m a 24 year old MA student in the UK. I learnt to knit a couple of years ago then picked up crochet during the first lockdown in England. I can’t believe it’s been such a short length of time since it’s such a big part of my life now!

I love getting to know fellow neurodivergent folk who are also passionate about fibre crafts. Neurodivergent joy really is the bees knees!


Hi everyone! I’m Nahomy and I have 22yo. I’m from El Salvador :el_salvador: so my natal language is Spanish. I learned to crochet from my Grandma’s Best friend when I has 10yo. 2 years ago I learned to crochet Amigurumis and a year ago I oppened my Store @nanigurumis_sv on Instagram where I sell Amigurumis only in El Salvador :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Also I’m a Vet student so when I have free time is when I make Amigurumi :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Hi I’m Alice but my nickname in the crochet world is KITTIESCOFFEE because I love kitties and I love my coffee.
I am 71 and have been disabled since I was 39 do to a car accident I have rods and plates on both sides of my neck and rods and plates up and down my spine. I have had 3 neck operations and 5 back operations.
I live in a small rural town just outside of Sacramento, California there are are cows and horses all around here, I live on 7 acres and it is very peacefully.
I love to crochet , I used to do loom knitting and I have probably done almost every needlecraft there is.
I bought Tunisian needles and that is the next thing I would love to learn.
I am sorry for making this so long. probably because it’s a little lonely for me as my crochet friends have move away so I have no nearby friends or groups to get together with.
Here is the scarf I just finished for my daughter who lives in Anchorage Alaska it’s going out to the post office tomorrow, she loves scarves and this one is extra long.


Congrats on your new space and thank you so much for sharing about yourself.

Loving this new topic and reading about people.

Just to quickly introduce myself - I’m Saar, co-founder of Ribblr - love music, football, and of course- crafts!


Hello. It’s so nice to have people here. I wasn’t sure when I started.
This is my first ever crochet hat. I’m quite proud of it.


Hi Felix,

My mum is left handed and I am right handed so every time she tried to teach me I got tangles 8n wool :joy::joy:

If you want you should share your crochet here. There are definitely experienced crocheters who can help…



Hi Olivia,

New York is a place I’d love to visit like everyone else I guess :rofl:

I live quite close to Glasgow in Scotland. Although the middle of Scotland isn’t that wide so Edinburgh is only an hour away.

My gran was hopeless at crafts but a fab baker. I definitely got the crafting genes because I can’t bake anything.



luckily me and my mum are both right handed :sweat_smile:

i will share my work here once i finish something for sure!!


Hi Letsy,

Nice to meet you. Are you English or just studying there?

Lockdown was the best time to take up a new craft although I missed actual people and having someone to ask silly questions to

When I first started knitting I was really pleased them I was at a class and one of the leaders watched me in amusement as she had never seen anyone cast on knitting the way I did. Apparently my ND brain read the instructions in a strange way and I had invented a new way of casting on​:woman_facepalming:t3:



Hi Nahomy,

Welcome to ribblr. I’m quite new here myself. So far I’m loving it and for me the chance to auto translate the crochet patterns to UK terms is invaluable. As I taught myself from magazines and books from the UK it was only once I started to look online that I realized there was a difference in the terms. I’m not skilled enough yet to work from a US terms pattern so I end up having to print them and scribble all over them to have terms I understand and that my books can show me when I get stuck.

I have dabbled in amigurumi and actually find the fact it’s circular easier to work. Good luck in your shop.
Being a student vet sounds really fun too, especially if you can do some sneaky crochet as well.



Hi Alice,

Your work is lovely :heart_eyes:.

I love cats and coffee too.

My eldest son is a trained Barista and still lives at home so we get lovely coffee’s at home. Although he has become a coffee ‘snob’ now and complains when I make myself instant coffee as I can’t work the fancy machine the way he does and end up with burnt milk or it just tastes awful.

We have one cat at home. She is a tiny cat who we think was possibly the runt of the litter. She’s 3 now and her collars are the size made for kittens. Having said that I’m glad as she likes to lie on my knees :joy:. Because there are 6 of us at home when we got her we all had different ideas of what to call her so we ended up calling her Nea which was my son’s idea and actually stands for Name Everyone Agreed and then there is technically an O for On…

I’m lucky where we live as it’s semi rural in that two streets from my house is all fields. Although it is a town so there is plenty to do and we are 10 minutes away from Glasgow which is the biggest city in Scotland. My kids have the best of both worlds as they have plenty of green spaces to play in but have the city on the doorstep.
I grew up here as did my mum and gran so it feels like the town is quite small as everyone knows a member of my family, or at least that’s how it seems sometimes. Only this morning someone referred to me by my grans maiden name despite my gran being married in 1950something​:roll_eyes:.

Your accident sounds horrible although it sounds like you have learned to live with it.

The time difference can make things tricky but as can see I like to chat too.



I’m Wendy. I live in Wyoming, USA. Mom of 4, from ages 21-2. I’m a self-taught crocheter, started when I was a teen. I do some sewing, mostly Halloween costumes. I’ve been wanting to learn to knit, and my husband gifted me a Disney knitting book, so now I HAVE to learn because there are so many things in it I want to make.


I think I understand why Ribble is such a useful tool for you​:face_with_hand_over_mouth: UK terms are quite different from what I am used to reading (Spanish, Portuguese and US). In my case, I loved Ribblr since I learned that my patterns could be automatically translated from Spanish to US and UK terms, since part of my goals is to become a pattern designer in case I no longer have free time to sell Amigurumis​:sweat_smile: I have made a couple of free patterns previously, which I uploaded to my Instagram account, but I still feel like I have a lot to learn and I hope Ribblr will help me with that​:pleading_face::sparkles:


Hi I’m Sophialina and have been crocheting now for about 9 years self taught. My love for this came from watching my grandmother create afghans and slippers when I was a child. I love creating things so if I find something I enjoy I usually just have a go and make it. I do some sewing and embroidery as well.


Hi, I am Inka and I live in Finland. I have been crocheting since I was a kid but more seriously for about to years. I have tried knitting, sewing and cross-stitch and I’d like to try Tunisian crochet.
I am ND (self-diagnosed) and socializing is difficult for me. However, I have gained confidence and feel a part of the crafting community here on Ribblr. Everyone is so friendly and helpful :blush: