So i want to test patterns more, but almoat all of them require journals and i dont know what those are or how to use them…
Can someone explain?


Journals basically work as a review of the pattern once you’ve finished it :blush: if you scroll down a pattern and see pictures, those are journals from other people who have made the item. It’s mainly there for future makers, so they can decide whether or not they want to download/buy the pattern.

Do: upload pictures of your make and your opinions of the pattern/progress
Don’t: write sensitive information, such as mistakes (if youre a tester–mistakes are something to point out in the tester group chat) and don’t write out parts of the pattern

While in testing;
You can write and upload a journal through opening the pattern and clicking on the icon that looks like a book. There, you can upload pictures and comments that you have on the pattern. During the test, only the designer can see your journal. Once the pattern is released, the journal will be shown underneath the pattern, as long as it contains a picture :blush:


Here’s a post from a while back with some good insight in the comments with where it is, what you can do, what’s allowed, etc, don’t hesitate to ask anything else if you’re confused and if you need an immediate answer feel free to visit the help center with journal as a keyword, happy crafting :smile: