✨knitting..? 🫣✨

hey everyone! idk why, but recently ive been over here, getting interested in… knitting. Ive knit before, I know a simple stitch and cast-on but still, Im in no way an expert, and have no idea what Im doing. Does anyone have any tips for me as far as being a beginner at this? such as projects, yarn fibers, and basics i should know? as a pretty intermediate/ advanced crocheter, Im familiar with yarn of course, I just have no idea whats best for knitting. Thank youuu :heartpulse::yarn:


Here’s a post with some good comments I think it pertains more to how to do specific knit stitches like beginner things but definitely helpful for beginners!


Thank you!!


Oooo! I learned how to knit on youtube, I searched up cast on, cast off, how to knit the purl stitch, how to knit the knit stitch, how to hold your yarn while knitting. I just practiced, never made an actual project I just practiced and frogged it until I got the hang of the motions. I definitely reccomend doing that. Once you feel like you got the hang of it, make a scarf or I even knitted a frog (pattern was by @Sondaystudio) it was so cute and I learned a lot from it as a beginner. You can even make some pumpkins. I recently (about 2 weeks ago) started knitting a sweater in the round. I do reccomend to try knitting the english way and the contental way and see which one you like more or which one feels more comfortable. I hope this helps you, have a great rest of your day! :smile:


Thank you so much! super helpful info :raised_hands::heartpulse:


Definitely check out YouTube tutorials! I love knitting and crochet. I really can’t choose a favorite. They’re both great for different things. My best tip is to keep track of stitches. Fallen knit stitches are a pain to get back (using a crochet hook helps a lot with that).
I also have a few free knit patterns in my shop if you ever get into color work :wink:


If you are confident in crochet, I would search the knitting style that holds the yarn in the same hand. For instance, I hold my yarn in my left hand (non dominant) so I chose Continental knitting (some times referred to as “picking”)
Luckily, you should already have a decent understanding of yarn tension, so that’ll help!
I would chose a yarn weight that you are already comfortable using with crochet (I did Worsted/4 because that was what I used the most when I started learning knit)… also know that most yarns are already twisted to work better for knit than crochet, so you don’t have to worry about that either. Really whatever yarn you usually use is probably a great starting point, unless it is novelty. You’ll want just a regular plied yarn- you can go super cheap and use Red Heart Super Saver, but I’d recommend checking Smart Value at Michael’s (similar price, but much softer to use…
(Not to self- promote, but) I always recommend a washcloth for a first because it’s small, quick, and no one cares if the rag they are using is a little wonky… I created 1 washcloth specifically for this idea, it helps with practicing cast on, knit, purl, and bind off, plus it has a # 1 to remind you it’s your first knitting project…
If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!


Ive used all sorts of acrylic worsted (Red Heart Super Saver, Impeccable, Craft Smart, Big Twist Value, Caron) Mainly my favorites are Impeccable, Big Twist Value, and Craft Smart. Theyre more affordable and way softer. Personally not a fan of Red Heart Super Saver because of how scratchy and fleecy it gets. Thank you so much for the tips, this helps a lot :heartpulse::yarn: