Love & Crochet One-Year Anniversary, New YouTube Channel, & Patterns Coming to Ribblr

Hey! Before I get into the post, here’s a short introduction of myself.

My name is Sarah, and I’m a new person at Ribblr that’s super excited to explore this platform and connect with other users. My sister and I are the pattern designers behind the Love & Crochet website and all of the social platforms attached to it, which are all linked in my bio on Ribblr. Nice to meet you!

First things first, our one-year anniversary as a small business happened just yesterday! That was so exciting for the team at Love & Crochet- it’s such a huge milestone.

And what better way to celebrate it than posting on Ribblr and starting a YouTube Channel :hugs:

It would really help us get both accounts off the ground if you subscribed on YouTube and followed us/hearted our shop on Ribblr really quick. Reply to this post if you did any of those things- shoutout & huge thank you to everyone who does!

Oh, and you may notice that neither have any content on them, but we are publishing our first pattern on Ribblr very soon and our first YouTube video next Wednesday! Can’t wait to see you there! :heartpulse:

(P.S. Pictured are some of the patterns coming to Ribblr soon :star_struck:)


Welcome! I love the scissors cover. Great idea!


Thank you! That’s actually one of our most popular patterns :slight_smile:


Welcome to Ribblr! I’m sure you’ll get to love Ribblr and the Ribblr community! I would definitely use those scissor covers, definitely for my big craft scissors :wink:

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Thanks, I’m already getting the hang of Ribblr and enjoying the community! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: So glad to hear that about the scissors case, my sister designed that one (she’s the knitter at Love & Crochet) so most of the credit goes to her :heart: