Make It Monday

Aww it’s adorable


Ooo make it Mondays flows so well! I’m currently working on a project right now (although I’ll wait to show it on Wednesday :joy:) but just before I started that I finished this lovely piggy :pig: it definitely showed me I needed more color shades for pink :rofl: at first I hated how it came out but over the days it’s grown on me, its a gift so hopefully it grows on them as well!

Here’s the Ribblr pattern for anyone interested :smile:


This is a great thread I will make use of! It’ll challenge me to be more active on Ribblr :cowboy_hat_face: any-old-who :owl: I’m sharing a make that has been on the back burner for a hot minute, and it is my blanket using the Charity Daisy square pattern by Krochet Krystal. :blossom:

Hi! This is me!!

These are from the last time I worked on the blanket, but I have picked it up once again!

I took inspiration from snoflingan’s blanket and a cool disco illustration using 5-6 neon colors, so I ended up picking 3 Loops & Threads yarns (the pink, yellow, and blue), 2 Red Heart skeins (green and black), and a Craft Smart skein (the cheeto orange color…and it is SO SOFT!) for the project. (I know I’ll need more yarn than I bought, but I didn’t have a lot of money when I started this, so I’m simply going to make as many squares as I can until I run out.)


Cute cute! And looking forward to seeing your Wednesday WIP


I look forward to seeing you more :blush:
Also love the start of your blanket and can’t wait to see the finished make :grin::grin:


Thanks! Its going to probably end up a long wip lol :grin:


6 more flowers, then borders. Then ends… :skull_and_crossbones:

I like to name each color theme of these cardigans. This one is Sweet Sakura.


I will do my best to visit often :smile:

Thank you! It’s actually really fun to make; I would love to make a matching bedroom set with a rug, curtains, a chair cover and a peace-sign wall hanging. Probably not with the same motif, but totally with the same colors. :blossom:

On the blanket, I got it back out yesterday to rekindle some crochet fire I had before :fire:
I actually had taken a break on some pretty difficult projects and forgot how fun that these fiber crafts could be. I ended up making 3 of these just for fun! :blush:
I think just working with the chunkier, brighter colored yarns has really helped me get my funky-joy-joy back :sparkling_heart:

This blanket, in a way, is really a representation of me. :woman:t2:
I used to be a really turtle-y kid, super shy and sensitive; but as I’ve grown into the “grown up kid” I am now, I’ve really broken out of my shell and have become outgoing, bold, colorful and joyful. :butterfly:
I used to be super picky about food, hating shopping and only listened to rock, but now, I love all kinds of foods, love thrifting, and even listen to jazz, country and all kinds of stuff! I’ve learned to be kind to everyone, especially when I don’t agree with them. :love_you_gesture:t2: :love_you_gesture:t3: :love_you_gesture:t4: :love_you_gesture:t5: :love_you_gesture:t6:
I live with a good family that really loves and accepts my individuality, except my younger brother. He does love me, but he is pretty critical of my style. However, I go on with my bright colors, my 20th century influences, and my eclectic style and embrace who I am. :partying_face:
So, when I add squares to this blanket, it’s a reminder to not let people’s opinions mold me, and to stay true to myself. I hope and pray he learns that, too.

Okay, I have totally wrote. a. book :sweat_smile: but tbh, I’ve posted this blanket prog to Ravelry, and I’ve not even had a comment on it. I like it, but it just feels like people are super distant on there sometimes.


Well, the community is pretty welcoming and people love to share in everyone’s creativity here :grin:
I love that your blanket is an expression of your coming out of your shell :blush::blush:


That’s great; it sure feels nice to tell people, in detail, about your w.i.p’s and projects, especially getting sincere feedback and replies about them. Thank you for taking the time to read my novel :laughing: honestly, making the squares alone makes me joyful, so I’m super excited to actually cover up in it when I travel :red_car: , weekend picnicking with family even when I’m doing some * whisper * late-nite-crafting :crescent_moon::face_with_hand_over_mouth: :grin: also, I cannot wait to make more funky stuff, and I hope to share lots of it here with aaaaaaall the Ribblrs…ribblts? ribblettes? ribbrros?? idk, all of you nice people on here. Thanks for being here :love_you_gesture:t2:


It is great to actually be able to share and be recognized… I’m glad we can be that for you!!
Looking forward to seeing more (and pictures of you snuggled under the blanket when it’s done)


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I made this pie on Saturday!!


oh no, you didn’t wait for them to upload… please try again, I’d love to see your pie


Oh darn


Ooh thanks for sharing, it’s adorable!


Yeah, it’s great to put something out there and know there are people that care about what you worked so hard on :blush:

Absolutely! I’ll keep on sharing with my homies :smiley: 'cause I know there’s someone online, timid and shy like I was, just needed some inspiration that I can give them :smile_cat:

Also, Ribblr seems super diverse. I love 1980s-90s wrestling, but I can’t seem to find a lot of cool wrestling patterns or makes. I feel like this may just be the place where I can make wrestling-inspired projects (shirts,can koozies, etc) and it won’t go unnoticed :smile:


I love those colors!


Thank you :heart:


I could go for that pie… I’m hungry! :joy::crazy_face::yum:


Testing for a friend a lovely pattern, and making a surprise little gift for another friend who is just memerizingly awesome. But since they can both see this … well… they are seeeeecreeeett…
Im Not Going To Tell Ya Barbra Streisand GIF by The Academy Awards