many new testing features questions and issues (SOLVED)

I want to put this down in a formal way for everyone to add on to in one place, all at once.
The problems I am currently having with the new features-
I only get a notification for the first person to apply for the test, each application after that has no notification, I have to keep checking my tester page one pattern at a time to see if any new ones came in
If I use the “message testers” function, only the first person to apply is getting the message, all other messages are not received
My approved testers are not getting the notification that they have been approved, even if I message them with the feature
Applications are coming in for closed calls
Applications are being put in even when people select “cancel” after accidentally clicking the picture
anyone else?


i haven´t made a tester call yet so idk, but i have been a tester!
when i apply for a test it says i will be notified, but i never get any and it just appears in my testing but idek when it comes :cry:


When i apply i dont get notified about receiving the pattern


we have no idea there was an application till we look …I mean, it’s a lovely update, it just has a few issues that need to be addressed


I got approved twice since the update with no notification, just showed up. I also believe i may have submitted an application on a closed test. I didn’t realize it was closed until after I submitted. So, yeah, a few little glitches. Love the ease of use though.


Hi, happy to address.

We are aware and looking into this. For the time being if you apply by accident please reach out to the designer.

To clarify, you have approved more than one person and only then used this feature, yet it messaged just one person you’ve approved? Or did you try to use the message after already sending it once?

This has not changed.
Testers are not notified when they are approved, only when the designer messages them.
Of course you will not be notified of the private message if you disabled it.

As far as we’re aware this is working as intended and are team was not able to reproduce it, therefore it’s likely linked to your device. We will try to isolate it - please send us a private message.

We’re considering several approached to make this easier. For now designers can either remove the photo from the post when closing the call or reject new applications.

Thanks for your feedback everyone!


I have the app on my phone and the site on my laptop. I am not getting any type of notification of applications after the first one on each pattern on either device


Yes to the cancel after click thing. I haven’t tried messaging anyone yet so I don’t know about that yet. I’m getting notifications for each new tester application though.


Thanks! Check out our detailed reply above. We are aware and are working to fix these issues


Excellent, thanks so much for the clarification and quick response. :slight_smile:


the only notification i got was due to the OP
Letting everyone know who was selected on the post. So im careful now not to click on photos


A quick update →
The issue for accidental application has been fixed. :raised_hands:

A quick reminder of the new features:

Designer can:

  1. easily assign testers without a manual insert
  2. choose testers by karma points to make sure you have quality testers
  3. receive messages to the same main message thread

Don’t forget our previously released features. You can remove testers at any point and also block sections of your pattern to protect it even further. For example, you can ask all testers to complete the first section by a certain date, otherwise they could get removed.

Crafters can:

  1. apply with a single click, just click on the tester call’s photo. You’ll be asked to confirm even if you accidentally click it
  2. easily message the designer from within the pattern, linking to the same message
  3. earn Karma points for successful tests

Don’t forget you can access all the patterns you are testing from your patterns library under the ‘testing’ tab. You can (and should!) create a journal (click the journal icon from within the pattern) as you test the pattern to document your project. Your journals will be available for everyone to see, so please avoid sharing feedback there, instead send it directly to the designer.

Learn more here:

Also check out our post here: