March 2023 Feature Drop 📣🆕 What's your favorite new feature?

Ready to see our new feature drop?

:new: Giveaway for shop followers

You probably have seen and participated in our Lightning giveaway event where we announced this feature and gave some designers early access.

This cool new feature allows designers to host a giveaway for their shop followers only!

Just click the settings icon next to any of your patterns, hit the ‘giveaway’ option and get going!
You’ll see a draw the winner and you can then add a note and gift the pattern.
Don’t forget to take a screenshot too!

This is a particularly useful feature if you want to host a giveaway on social media but don’t know how to draw a winner or if you want to encourage more people to follow your shop.

:new: Auto-generated tags

Our software now automatically scans your libraries and auto-generated useful suggested tags.
This will help you filter out patterns in your wishlist & library with ease.

Auto-generated tags are also available in all Ribblr shops so you can easily find patterns.

Go ahead and click on a tag to check it out!

:new: Interactive links in Ribblr ePatterns

You can now find interactive links in Ribblr ePatterns leading you to other patterns or shops on Ribblr.

Designers - simply paste a link to any Ribblr shop or patterns to any line in Ribbuild and watch how the link transforms into an interactive link.
This is particularly useful if you want to link a series of patterns or recommend a shop or pattern to your customers.

This also supports $elFee links!

:new: Downloadable assets

You can now download Ribblr assets if you need to use them on your website/social media page. For example - our logos, the “Dropping Soon” icon and more.

Just click here.

Even more…

~ New & improved tours in Ribblr ePattern, Ribbuild and for new shops
~ Ambassadors badges in shops
~ Community enhancements
~ Bug fixes & improvements

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In cased you missed it - check out our previous feature drops!

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We release a new feature drop every month so share your suggestions on the community tab.
As always, huge thanks to @RibblrTesters for testing the new features :raised_hands:

What is your favorite :new: feature?

  • Giveaway for followers!
  • Auto-generated tags!
  • Interactive links in patterns!
  • Other (share below!)

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Love all of these! :heart_hands::black_heart::black_heart:


Some great new features :black_heart: what’s that thing about ambassador badges?


I asked that as well and never got an answer


so the shop tutorial just popped up for me… that’s very detailed and shows, not just tells… I like it. Hopefully it will clear up a lot of the issues that new people are having
And I’m really excited about the givaway option…so much cleaner and more efficient than they way these have been run it the past :slightly_smiling_face:


Our ambassadors are rotating on our homepage but you can also find a badge on their shop.

Thanks! That’s awesome to hear.


Good Job Ribblr Team!!


Very interesting! Thank you for all your hard work :smile:


The downloadable assets are going to be a huge help in the future!


The giveaway was such a good idea!


Thanks everyone! And stay tuned for our exciting events & drops in April :wink:


Learning and getting used to them :wink::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:! I have a suggestion for a new feature that I think would help testers and designers, specially with communication, tremendously. When a tester is reading the pattern and notices something, for them to tell the designer right away they need to leave the pattern, go to the messages tab, find the messages tgey have with that designer, etc, then go back, then they find something else…so it’s unlikely they will do that. They will probably write it down. Then they have to type that later. Depending on how much that is, or if they are organized enough to find those notes among who knows how many projects they are making, things get lost. So I see ( and ended up doing once myself, with a deal with the designee to remove before end of testing) the notes in the journal. Not ideal, everyone can see those notes. My suggestion therefore is: please can you have a “button” where testers can message the designer directly from the pattern WHILE it’s being on the testing phase, without having to leave it every time? Please pretty please? (And forgive me for this long petition written here, still new after 2 1/2 months… of ± 20 hrs a day here :grin:!Please delete after reading…)


There is a button in the pattern somewhere, that opens a message box… It’s that not working the way I thought it did?


Excited!! All the new updates are amazing!!


I know whAt you mean? But you can
Contact the designer directly from pattern-

But you’d have to do all that craziness you just mentioned if you want to contribute to the group messaging.


Yep! And I can say it’s on our team’s radar :wink:


It’s really inconvenient as a designer tho cause then you get 10 different message threads going about separate issues or questions your testers are having :rofl:

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And sometimes the question can be answered by another tester.

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