March '24 Feature Drop - New testing tools, only on Ribblr 🆕 📣

Our new feature drop has just landed!

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:new: Testing tools 2.0

Two years ago, we launched our safe testing tools on Ribblr.
Gone were the days of sending PDFs into the abyss, hoping for the best!
We introduced a secure way to select testers, share patterns (without giving it all away), and keep everyone protected & rewarded.

You have been amazing with your feedback and suggestions, really keeping our product team on their toes so we can improve our tools even further :partying_face:
And we’re excited to show you what we believe will be the best testing experience yet for both crafters and designers! Buckle up, it’s a looooong list :point_down:

For designers:

  • New overview information for each pattern test
  • Track tester % progress plus jump straight into each journal from your shop manager
  • Set a due date for your pattern tests
  • Automatic nudge-mails to remind crafters to finish up :wink:
  • Automatic alerts for you to review and send gifts to your testers
  • A multi-select tool to approve or reject testers with just a single click
  • Direct messaging to your testers right from your shop manager. Talk about convenience! :dancer:
  • A “block tester” button because it’s unfortunately needed sometimes

For crafters:

  • Get gentle nudges to complete your testing before the pattern turns into a pumpkin (aka due date).
  • Automatic reminders for designers to gift you the pattern, to avoid those awkward follow-ups
  • Spot and report errors with a new floating icon within Ribblr ePattern
  • Keep track of pattern due dates right from your patterns library :date:
  • Sort your testing tab by due date
  • Easily locate patterns you tested with a new ‘Tested’ badge - shown on your makes and patterns library

:new: Only on Ribblr :purple_heart:

Okay, we might be a tiny bit biased. But, hands down, we believe the Ribblr ePattern offers the BEST crafting experience for every single crafter out there! :tada:
And starting today we’ll be celebrating those one-of-a-kind patterns that you can only find here on Ribblr.

Only on Ribblr patterns are now highlighted across the platform and are even featured on our homepage via the all-new Only on Ribblr section!

For all our amazing designers, marking your pattern as Only on Ribblr is super easy. Just hit that little checkbox as you publish a pattern (or later using the ‘Price & Sale’ option).

Dive into the exclusive world of Only on Ribblr patterns by clicking here.

:new: ‘For You’ Section just got an upgrade! :sparkles:

Your ‘For You’ section now includes a recommended video, which supports incredible content creators and gives you access to fun, entertaining, inspiring, and educational content, right on your Ribblr homepage.

We’re thrilled to introduce a brand new spot that’s all about bringing you closer to incredible content creators. Starting today, you can find fun, entertaining, inspiring, and educational videos, all curated just for you - right on your ‘For You’ area on your homepage.

:new: Get Ready for The Ribblr Show! :movie_camera:

We’re beyond excited to introduce The Ribblr Show, a fun bi-weekly Ribblr Live event that’s all about hanging out together with you and some very special guests.

We’ll dive into all things crafty, share stories with fellow creators, chat with you (live!) and give you the chance to win seriously cool prizes!

Ready to join us? Mark your calendars - 17 March 2024 a special debut for St. Patrick’s Day! It’s going to be a blast, and we can’t wait to see you there! :tada:

Even more…

  • You can now click on any image in any pattern listing page to zoom in and view the full photo
  • We’ve listened to your feedback and brought back the wishlist indicator for pattern listing.
    Patterns that have been added to 50+ wishlists will now display this callout again!
  • Plus lots more fun & hidden things you may notice :wink:

VOTE - What are you most excited to try first? :star_struck:

  • Testing tools 2.0
  • Only on Ribblr
  • For You videos
  • The Ribblr Show
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I like the tester tools. Especially the block button, I’ve had problems with disrespectful testers before :eyes: so this is extra handy


I’m so excited about the new features! I have been checking every day to see if they were live yet. :smile: The testing tools will be the most useful to me on a daily basis, but I can’t wait to explore the Ribblr Show and other new content. Thank you for continuing to improve Ribblr and make it an amazing place for crafters to spend time online.


Thank you for bringing back the views on wishlists!


I’m so excited! I have a pattern being tested run and only 1 person started :sob: With this, I’ll finally be able to remind them to crochet away!


Agreed. I love this.

The testing tools will be a great help. Now I am excited to make more patterns.
The for you videos and Ribblr show will add another layer to the depth of Ribblr. Glad to see you are so passionate about this app.
Love the Only on Ribblr. That’s me. I have removed all my patterns I had elsewhere years ago.


Hmmm. This looks interesting. Screenshot this, anybody?


We get it! hope this will take that stress of those less successful interactions!


As a crafter excited to see the new testing tools in place but also really excited to see the other updates in play! :grin: Thank you for an awesome update :laughing:


Thanks for the kind words! We’re so passionate about it so we appreciate the recognition, and your support in helping us along the way


Thanks for sharing your feedback!

yay! :grinning: Good luck with your test!


Thank you so much for your support!


This is all great but why is the feature to see how many people have in there wishlist feature on a pattern is removed


Hi! It’s not removed!

However it’ll only show after a minimum number of people have added the pattern to their wishlist.


is anyone else having problems with the report issue button? it doesnt seem to be working at all on pc or the app!


Who else is loving the tested sticker right now?like I have a little extra pep in my step seeing it.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m happy to see that some concerns/issues about testing patterns have been addressed also. I can’t wait to check these out.


It won’t let me assign testers



@Ribblr when I click the report issue floating icon as a tester, nothing happens. Is it supposed to do something?