Motivation with Blankets

Hi! So last year I started a blanket. At the time I was still new to crochet, and single crochet was all I knew, so I thought a single crochet blanket would be the way to go.:grimacing: One year later I haven’t finished it. It takes me so long to complete a row and then I just give up. Any suggestions for what to do about this? Thanks


You could change to do a pattern of single crochets and double crochets. Or use the single crochet rows you have as a bottom border and do the same amount for the top border


I do a row in between making ami. I get the feeling of accomplishment with ami while making progress on the blanket.

The other thing you could do is put what you have in the middle and do a couple borders of granny stitch squares there are a lot of free ones in Ribblr. Just search granny’s square and sort by low To high.


Ok, thank you! I also like creating amigurumi so this works.


Don’t feel bad, this is a common issue. Especially for someone who starts one early in their journey as a way to practice. They get better and want to try other things and therefore the blanket is no longer exciting.
I agree with Debi’s suggestions of making something you want/ enjoy and is quicker then do a row or 2 on the blanket or finding a way to change the pattern. Depending on how far you are, you could start doing stripes. Like if you have 10 rows of sc, do 10 rows of hdc, 10 rows of dc, 10 rows of hdc, 10 rows of sc until you have the length you want. Or if you are closer to ⅓ done, just switch the next section to a different stitch (have you played around with any of these stitch patterns?), then finish with the same number of rows of sc as the beginning.
If you can give more specifics on what you have and what you want in the end, I could probably come up with more ideas, if this is the route you want to go…


Thank you so much for your suggestions. My idea for the blanket was gradients of blue, so I did a row with one full skein of light blue, then one with normal blue, and then one with dark blue. I thought it would be a good idea to have a skinnier grey stripe to break up the pattern. Then I started the blue pattern again, but this time going dark, medium, light. I hope that makes sense. I am about 1/3 through. I like crochet but sometimes I have no motivation to finish my project. And then at the same time, I don’t want to unravel the whole thing.:face_exhaling:


Personally with the color changes you could totally change the stitch patterns.
If you already have each color, then you could do a section of hdc of each color, then a section of dc of each color… If your adding grey between each set of blues, maybe do those in a “fun” stitch? Like bobbles or puff?


I definitely understand what you mean, I think you should add new stitches to give it more length and variaty so you aren’t just repeatedly doing sc. However many rows you have of sc, remember and do the next ones in how many new stitches you want and at the end of the blanlet repeat the sc rows. By then it’ll already be a lot and would just need the sc and hopefully seeing how close you are will keep you motivated to finish it (that’s what happens to me) you also could work on something else then go back to it or just work on it when you feel/want to. Personaly when I do that I barely get anything done and take a long break from it as compared to doing it whenever I feel like it and doing more and taking not as long breaks then I would if I forced it

Here’s an amazing post that I believe works for everyone that can hopefully help you give motivation


Sounds like you have a nice plan. Just stay determined. Just do a few rows every day or two and you will be finished with your blanket before you know it.

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