My Holiday Gift Drop (pt. 2/2)

Hi everyone! This is related to another post Iate back in January of 2022 showing all the handmade gifts I have made for Christmas for that year, at the time I still hadn’t finished some of my gifts after a while I did finish and gifted them, but I forgot to make a post about it lol! So I thought to share it now. I can’t believe I had forgotten to make a part two for this :joy: If you still remember that post and were waiting for part 2, thanks and sorry for making you wait :grin:

This is the previous post, feel free to give it a look and comment there too if you want :smile:

Like last time I have the original pattern(s) linking back to the designer(s) below and in order of the photos, the first two are my original patterns that I ended up creating :smile:

I actually created a little crochet elephant as well but I didn’t take a photo before I gifted it lol :rofl: there’s only three gifts shown here but they each have two different angles so you can hopefully get a better look at the stitches/design :smile:

Happy crafting! Feel free to share photos of the gifts you gifted away if you like as well or are planning to gift away, stay safe and hydrated!

My knit shawl

[Full view]

[At an angle]

My crochet blanket

[Full view]

[At an angle]

Pig in a Blanket

[Front view]

[Side angle]

Thank you if you looked through everything! Here’s the pattern(s) I used (In order of photos)

My knit shawl: @ArtsAndNaps (my original pattern)

My crochet blanket: @ArtsAndNaps (my original pattern)

Pig in a Blanket: @Luciecoates Pig in blanket: Crochet pattern | Ribblr


All of these look amazing!


Thank you! :smile:


Quickly goes to check your store and sadly, finds it empty


Thanks lol :laughing: I’ve been debating on whether I should post my patterns since for the most part there’s probably mistakes in them lol :rofl: and the stitches are pretty simple, let me know if you’re curious on whatever stitches I used and I can let you know/send a link to the stitches :laughing::smile:


They are all absolutely gorgeous. I always think the mistakes are what makes the item unique. Nobody else has made that exact gift so it’s the only one in the world….


Thank you! That means a lot :smile: