Need 6 testers for Kirby pouch- read ALL this post before applying

CLOSED Ican only accept applications on Instagram: sweetbeacrochet.

Hi, I’m looking for 6 testers to test my newest pattern the Kirby pouch- he’s been in the works for a hot minute but I’ve seen many other creators creating pouches so why not!
I’ve always loved Kirby so thought, why not make a Kirby pouch?!

:star: Have a public account
:star: Be able to finish within 7 days
:star: Be happy to work in a groupchat with a team of testers
:star: Happy to post your final make on your feed and promote the pattern on release
:star: Have pink, red, and yellow dk yarn- id like testers to stick to the original colour scheme, you’re welcome to make more after in different colours

How to apply:
🩷 Follow me
🩷 Like and save this post
🩷 Share this post to your story and tag me
🩷 Comment that you’d like to test and tag a friend

Please note if you don’t complete the entire checklist you will not be considered to test :slight_smile:


Adorable :heart_eyes:

As per testing zone rules, people need to be able to applt via Ribblr. So cute tho!


I really hate when people are like do list of things if you wanna test…(not like read post but share, like, follow etc)
Most of post like that act like the tester should be gratefull that he can test because he’s so lucky that he was chosen… But why ppl act that way? Testers do they task checking out the pattern and it’s also a work so maybe let’s just treat them equal to a pattern maker? Why some people forget that they should be also gratefull that tester wants to do this work for them

How about don’t be so dramatic lol!!!

I’d love to test this pattern for you it is so cute!!! :slight_smile: