Need help deciphering a pattern

Im following this frog&bear pattern and I don’t really understand what this part means. Once I follow the pattern, I already made the two frog legs but where should I increase? I know how to increase I just don’t know where…


Hi! So it looks like the body is going to be made already attached to leg 2. You chain 2, connect the first leg, & then begin crocheting and increasing to create the wider base of the body and crochet your way up. Does this make sense? :smiling_face:


in a way :sweat_smile: so do I start the increase on the leg…? Or do I not connect the increases to the leg


yes, you begin the body from leg two after attaching leg one. it will be crocheted from the legs. The increases are how you turn it into a full body, not just one really long leg lol


OHH MY GOSH IM DUMB :woman_facepalming:t5:Ty!!


@AnyahG2025 and @opiumdiet

Hello! I hope you two enjoy it here, congrats on your first posts :smile:

@AnyahG2025 Sharing any specific parts of other users patterns, like screenshots/written out whether in topics, journals, outside of Ribblr, is not allowed and goes against guidlines, I removed the screenshot but please be careful of this in the future

Also, I try to do this when I can to newcomers but if you two ever need help never hesitate to ask in the community, if you need immediate answers feel free to use the help center, search in the community, or the wiki [link below] and community guidelines if needed :smile: Happy crafting! Hope to see your crafts soon as well :smile:


hoi, the best way to get help on a pattern is to press the paper airplane button on the pattern in your pattern tab, this will connect you to the pattern maker so that you can ask them for help. good luck <3


How to join legs in amigurumi.
Don’t fret, this one had me stumped too.


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