new appliqué ideas

hi y’all! I posted some things about animal ideas for appliqués a few months ago and I’ve been testing lotsa stuff for that project, but I also wanna make some appliqué patterns I particularly had a rlly hard time finding.

have you ever struggled trying to find patterns for flat stuff? plsss talk about those in the comments so I can make them just like most ppl need

super sorry for the wait btw, bipolar disorder gave me a treat this time and I don’t feel like poop at all!!! i need to use these times v wisely!

these 2 lil guys are already available on my shop, btw :blush:

one more thing (last one I promise): I’m gonna need some testers for the animals later so keep an eye on that :purple_heart:)


As someone who has bipolar disorder, don’t apologize! It can be really tough sometimes to optimize time, so don’t sweat it. :blush:

I definitely have struggled to find flat crochet patterns in the past, and I’ve had to make up what I’ve needed as I go along. One thing I have always been looking for was a fox head applique. :fox_face:


thank u so much for the support :sneezing_face: its way too tuff mostly hahah i love it when im at least able to chat with ppl normally and idk wprk on stuff i like?!! (kinda concerned tho bc im going kinda… beyond whats acceptable god pls do NOT send me another manic episode)

also:: yay ill try that one :blush: ill post the animals packs soon hehe