Patter Struggles pt 2 (with pics)

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I have the pattern I used linked in the replies of the OG, but I’ve tried two other patterns that have the look I want, and I finally have pics of the issue I’m having!

For some reason, the sides won’t come out even! I’m using a stitch marker, and I don’t think I’m tying in the yarn wrong… I have no clue what’s up! o3o


It happens to the best of us. You got this. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This is my third attempt with the exact same result.


Have you look into the color swap where the lines does not show? I did it with my niece penguin 5 yrs ago I have the same problem with one side that I use the color of the body and the other color to close it


Have you tried crocheting with the right side out? It is currently wrong side out, the right side is the one with all the little "v"s on it. On the wrong side, the stitches also have a horizontal bar. It can be changed by turning your work inside out.


Somehow it feels like the pattern hasn’t accounted for working in a spiral, and that the stitches “move” every 2 rounds or such. There’s one line in the color change with 12 stitches, so the black peak should point toward the middle (between stitch 6 and 7) but it points to the point between stitch 5 and 6 instead.
So you could try making the color shift 1 stitch early every 2 rows or such, or end each round with a slst and ch :blush:

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I thought about trying the slip stitch and chain at the end of each row, but I wasn’t sure if that would throw my stitch count off or not :thinking: I appreciate the feedback, though! I’ll definitely see about giving it a shot.

For the time being, I found a free pattern with a different way of making the head. All this experimenting was getting frustratingggggg


It looks to me that you are crocheting the ‘wrong’ side out, maybe try flipping it around maybe? That is the only thing i can really think of, unless you are doing the colour changes wrong? Does the pattern show you a certain way how to do the colour changes ?
Wish you the best of luck