Pattern Struggles

I bought a monkey plush pattern off of Etsy and it looks simple enough, all the reviews say it’s easy, but every time I try to make it the face comes out completely uneven and asymmetrical! I keep frogging and trying again, but it’s getting really frustrating at this point…

I’m gonna try another pattern’s head and hope for the best…


Have you tried messaging the designer? It could also be because the yarn you’re using is different from the one used to create the pattern (namely the fiber/type)


I feel ya. i bought a pattern from someone with good reviews, but it was a complete mess. I had to puzzle out what she meant and rewrite everything. Turns out she makes knit patterns and this was her first crochet.

Not to mention, the instructions asked for 2 different sized yarns that i had to buy. I couldnt get the pieces to fit so i messaged her and she said it was a typo… so now i have lace yarn that i’ll never use.

So ye, good reviews dont always mean good patterns. Its unfortunate but as you said, Frankenstein patterns together and make the most of what u got.


What’s the pattern?? Who’s it by?

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This is the pattern:

Hi ! Idk the creator of the pattern but Wow. Their prices are very high. Even for Etsy.

The only advices i could give you is : not trust reviews and don’t buy multiples patterns from one people at the same time if you dont know the creator. I’ve been fooled last month with a pattern I paid 10$ !

My pattern was exclusively filled with pics and just sentences like “crochet rows that will fit your cardstock length” OK THANK YOU.

And this girl is followed by thousand people even I don’t think this kind of pattern is not honest. As she sells a lot, "bad " reviews are drown by the others.

And don’t trust reviews bc to that girl i had to leave a 4​:sparkles: star review with honest comments bc i have myself an Etsy store and i don’t want her to buy one of my pattern to leave me a bad review especially that I need good reviews bc not very followed. And many people are afraid like me.

I hope you’ll find a solution for your problem. Maybe crochet an oval separately for the face ? I did it once for a :sloth: and it was great :heart:

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