Pattern prices

What’s a reasonable price for a pattern? I’m in the process of making a dog head keychain pattern and I want to know a reasonable price for it! Lmk what’s best!


Here is from @anoswaldoddity

And I quote
“ Well now, don’t be down in the dumps. All patterns are not equal.

I’ve paid up to $10 a pattern because the FREE one was well written, formatted nicely, had all the info including how to reach the designer. Some have line counts, has stitch counts at end of each round/row, has diagrams for assembly, has stitch placement for eyes and appendages, has stitch multiples, different sizes, and so on.
It just depends, I’d rather pay more for a well written pattern , than pay $2 for a pattern I basically have to rewrite myself to make the item.

So there is a lot of factors that go into the pricing of a pattern Inthink, if you plan to be a designer, make your free one the best you can make it, and use that one to draw traffic to your shop.

Believe me, i have sent many a free pattern to the archive cuz it was worthless.”


Well, honestly, right now, yarn prices are astronomical for trash plastic because yarn manufacturers are owned by horrible, horrible people. I’d really urge everyone everywhere to buy from local or small business yarn purveyers (bonus points if they manufacture themselves!) Joann’s is a trash soulless corporation AND just cut starting pay despite already having a worker shortage AND greedflating yarn prices to an average of probably $15 or min10 per skein. This is mostly for plastic yarn that costs two dollars tops to manufacture. If we don’t take our business to small businesses prices will go up forever while wages stay exactly the same as they were in the… 60s?iirc, save for the northeast and few states that also adopted the $15 min wage.

Lol sorry to get so deep in the politics of it, there’s just a tonnn of factors that go into the modern pricing for small creators while big corps are literally charging anything they want because small towns likely only have the one textile store and thus are guaranteed a sale regardless of price. Honestly? Probably 15 and below is the golden area if you want to actually get any sales because any recreational artist is being drained by yarn alone.

Sorry for the soap box speech but it really can’t be overstated how screwed small textile artists are right now. The US is three corps in a trench coat and nothing will get better if people let them do this without hurting their pockets.

Much love to everyone trying to use this platform.


Tbh I was thinking 2.00. Is that too high or too low?


If it’s well written, $3?


There are no rules about this–it’s all about what you feel comfortable with. Some base their prices on complexity, some use other factors, like the size of the finished project. A good question to ask yourself could be “what would I pay for a pattern like this?” and go from there. You could also do some research on similar patterns and their prices :smiling_face: If you find that you’re unhappy with your pricing down the line, you can always change it!