Pattern testing advice

I’m nearly ready to test my witch frog pattern :smiling_face:
I want to post a tester call on Instagram, but I’d like for the pattern to be tested on Ribblr. Is there a way to assign testers by their username or would I ask people on Instagram to apply on Ribblr?


I think you can add a link to the testing pattern on Instagram, but I’m not sure you could assign Instagram users to a Ribblr pattern testing.
I do know that you can generate a PDF version of the pattern, so you can send the PDF link to whoever you want to test your pattern through Instagram without them having to go onto Ribblr.


Ooh awesome, you’re right you can copy the link to post on social media! Thank you so much!


So cute! You can post the tester call here and tell anyone to apply on instagram if you want. You can also share the testing link to your insta!


How cute! Here’s a link about testing/testing guidelines to take note of, I believe it should mention how to assign non Ribblr testers?

Also @Itsamber that’s actually not allowed! If you post a tester call on Ribblr, Ribblr’s/users must be able to apply here even if the test doesn’t take place here, if that makes sense? It’s explained better in the testing guidelines lol :laughing:


Ohhh!! I was unaware of that! Sorry im still sorta new to ribblr guidelines. I just saw a lot of people posting it that way before. Didnt mean to give false info!


No worries! I’ve seen similar but not quite, to explain it a bit better, requiring an Instagram or any social media account is fine and it doesn’t even need to take place on Ribblr but users must be able to apply on Ribblr if it’s posted here, but to post a tester call on Ribblr and direct others to apply to another site isn’t allowed so if you see something like that make sure to report! :smiley:


Okay so am I able to post a tester call here and ask that testers post finished pieces on their Instagram and tag me? Thank you uso much for all your help btw!


Yes that works! As long as Ribblr’s/users can apply here then you can require that of them if you want, and no problem, glad to help! :smile: