Pixel--Yes. It's Crochet!!

Pixel Crochet Cowl

Pixel has just been released!

Pixel is a crochet cowl worked using the waistcoat stitch and resembles the stockinette stitch in knitting. Made using multiple mini-skeins or scraps of your favorite fingering/sock weight yarn, the cowl is not only warm, and dense but you can create a colorful masterpiece all your own depending on the variety of yarn colors you choose.*


Beautiful :heart_eyes:

Thank you!!

Absolutely beautiful!

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Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

A lovely pattern and very well written. I see some waistcoat stitch in my future!

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Stunning! Looking forward to attempting this for my Goddaughter.

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Thank you and Fantastic!! Can’t wait to see what you create. Xo

Great!! Please be sure to share pics. Xo